We LiStEn oT cOmMuNiTy FeEdbAcK! - The elemental Nerf no-one asked for

since blizzard cant nerf any of the top dps mythic classes they just keep nerfing shamans to make them selves look like they are doing work…lol.

Oh the devs litsen alright “borrowed power” is a quest to unlock flight in zereth mortis… They listen but they just f3333333ing hate you

Still waiting…

This thread reminds me of this video I watched before that was talking about how developers shouldnt read the forums of their own game because it will make them cry.

And sometimes you just gotta commit to an idea to truly find out if its bad or not.

Funny how its “accessibility “, hello… .95 sec wrath casts here. If anything I would prefer they increase my cast times but increase the base damage. But we all know blizzard just nerfs and never compensates. So I’ll keep my mouth shut. :slight_smile:

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Just posting for context since its come up a few times.

The issue being is that this change absolutely destroyed a large chunk of the power this talent provided, and this talent is our primary aoe cooldown. There was no buff to reallocate power. There was no mention of shaman damage needing to be changed, but it was. The issue in question persists in other classes since ele shaman apm wasn’t uniquely high. The talent in question has worked this way for at least three years, and was even worse in regards to their justification during the end of bfa. This change happened without even a weeks notice after the raid came out and people were already mostly decided on mains. A response would be fantastic, but a reversion or compensation buff would actually fix the issue since blizzard took it upon themselves to nuke a mid tier dps from orbit, in m+ especially, to fix a so called accessibility issue.


Elemental Shaman.

Blizzard’s redheaded stepchild of a redheaded stepchild.

Elemental feels so accessible now that I changed classes 5o do content I liked because it was just gosh too darn accessible

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wait, you telling me they ignored all the shaman’s advice and ignored community council, hmm that’s not like blizzard, it’s like community council was a marketing stunt or something.

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It was consistently ranked the lowest the entire expansion. But I just checked and I guess its being ranked the best raid healer now.

did you ask everyone? i dont recall getting that survey in the mail. could it be that it came up from a bubble you dont exist in? Maybe the PvP people asked for it.

I doubt the pvp eles asked for it when they one shot people with vesper totem lol

yeah sure of course the eles didnt. What about the people getting 1 shot though. could they have maybe asked for it? In my experience people dont like being 1 shot.

yeah, the ppl getting one shot by the covenant ability asked for them to nerf storm elemental, a different ability because of accessibility issues concerning pressing buttons too often.

i dont know what your shaman nonsense abilities do. Im just saying there is probably a reason or subset of people who brought it up. its not always a “fun detected” issue. shamans shouldnt be 1 shotting anything if you got 2 abilities that are one shotting people im gonna call for both of them to be nerfed.

Explain this like I’m a noob

That was clearly just another lie.

Another fabrication to pander false hope into the players so Blizzard could keep receiving their money - Literally feels like they’ve been kicking a dead horse, but putting it in a freezer to stall the decay and harvest the organs to juice out every portion of profit they can before the bones are buried beneath the rubble of their collapsing legacy and stacked shenanigans that are piled unsteadily high.

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please help

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This may read as outlandish.

Everyone who loves WoW.
Please keep this thread relevant until it is addressed and fixed.

And not just addressed.
No one Class and Spec should be unplayable.

Oh, they listen.

Then never do anything different. Or, at least, never do as fans request without tossing in some backhanded insult with it.

Listening is easy. Changing to a better plan, that’s hard.

So hard Blizzard has altered course I think at most 10 times?

  • Dual Spec
  • Varian’s quest line, “A Little Patience,” which was ruined due to players not grasping the, “A Hero’s Journey,” Jungian metastory.

That’s two. And two is at or below ten.
… Seriously, what other times have there been thus far?