We don't even need RDF lol honestly

Honestly, it’s a little creepy.

So, what awesome games Has Kevin made since he stopped badly designing classes for Blizzard?

I’m sure that post will be by you, so that works out awesomely

dev already said it but devs can change their minds so never give up! :slight_smile:

He retired after making one of the best games the world has ever seen.

What have you done???

He’s legitimately the Spongebob to Kevin’s Kevin, it’s impressive

Lul you are so mad. This is funny.

Just gonna leave this here.

if devs can say “no” then they can also say “sorry, we’ve changed our minds”

It clearly says no.

clearly, someone made that decision. Therefore that someone can change their mind…lol

Unlikely this close to release…

They have difficulty reading. It’s not, “no”, it’s, “no plans”. That’s not a definitive no, which was their previous answer months ago.

Not to mention we did have a definitive, “no” for Classic, and yet here we are.

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it doesn’t need to be at release. RDF wasn’t implemented at Wrath’s launch day but rather at the launch of ICC. I can wait. Canadians are a patient folk. :slight_smile:

It’s a no…

ahh, the immortal words, “You think you do but you don’t” --J.A.B

He was kinda right… Everyone wants to turn classic into retail all of a sudden with dumb things like RDF.

no, the devs are trying to turn classic into retail.

How is removing a retail like feature like RDF making it retail? You must be on something right now…

Except it literally puts you with 4 others.

Gold medal for your Olympic level mental gymnastics though.

The arguments against RDF literally just get worse and worse.

No one needs to argue against RDF because it isn’t being added. It isn’t a debate.

Bingus Is Insane.