We are winning too much honor points per BG

Amazing the BG’s keep crashing all the time, no fix. Turns out we are getting a bit extra honor and having fun instant fix… Great priorities blizzard


instead of fixing it, they just broke it the other way, classic Blizz can’t do anything right

Just got 224 honor for an AV. That’s less than half what the OP stated we should be getting based on screenshots from the original TBC.

Well they changed it to take longer, which is how they wanted it. No one complained when you needed to maintain rank 1 for 12 straight weeks to get that gear, but you are complaining that you can’t get it in 5 minutes now?

Honestly I could level a toon from 1-60 in classic wow in just about the same amount of time it would take to farm the whole set from beginning to end assuming im getting 500 honor per hour and the set cost 103k. Which came out to 8.5 days worth of gameplay for armor and weps.

Anyone else notice how this video shows the score board, but doesn’t show the towers that were actually burned. It does show gy and tower taps, but not burns/caps or if generals are dead. Those videos could be AV zergs where most of the caps are bypassed. Maybe Blizz should rethink this as proof.

Servers are down! BGs are kicking entire groups without warning!
Blizzard: I sleep.
Players are receiving more honor than we expected.
Blizzard: Real s***!

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I farmed honor for close to 10 hours today and got almost 40k honor. Are you telling me that my 10 hours in BGs should have actually netted me 400 honor? So it should take roughly 10 days of playing 10 hours a day to get JUST the R14 weapons (which are only a small upgrade from, say, Perdition’s Blade. Y’know, the MOLTEN CORE loot I got in the first 2 months of Classic, almost 2 YEARS ago!) Yeah, I can see why you wouldn’t want players to farm such utter power at such lightning speeds…

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This was distasteful aye? I think we all understand it was for sure expeditated but this patch is only going to last 13 days. In PvE sense, that’s only 2 lockouts. So going based on that, there’s not much chance for decent gearing for boosted characters that Blizzard heavily vouched for. This just seems silly all around.

no complaining they didn’t set the honor back to where it was supposed to be it’s now lower then it should be by a lot. They failed to fix it, and it’s just broken in the other direction now

bruuuhhhh BRUUUUHHHH. Quit playing wow and go put on your conductor hat and play with your set of trains


Were the TBC Prepatch values the same as post nerf (fix)? I don’t remember it taking more than a few days to gear out an alt in Vanilla.

No, it’s way lower than it’s supposed to be.


It’s not way lower. It’s actually still twice as high as it was in original TBC prepatch if you’d bother to look

apparently now you just get removed from queue before bgs even pop

blizzard just nerfed honor even more.


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Show the proof, please? I remember farming several pieces easily while I was still in middle school. Like, it wasn’t even hard.


hes trolling. Obviously. just do the math why would the honor per game ever be that low kek

u would almost think the honor we get now isn’t realistic. cause it’s not.

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this change is AWFUL

Hello Blizzard here, we have detected people having fun on our servers and have moved immediately to remedy the situation. Please continue to subscribe and buy mounts from the cash shop. Thanks and gfys


DUDE, this is PVP gear for VANILLA. We are in the pre-patch for TBC. Do you not understand why your argument makes no sense?

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