We are not getting them

It largely bothers me because unless I’m mistaken, I think lightforged and leather are the only race/armor category combo not in the game.

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This sounds about right.
It also mirrors how normal Draenei were for a long time - we didn’t get a leather option until MoP.

Says the space elf.

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That’s goat to you.
Get it right, ya void-blinded knife ear.

It doesn’t mean it won’t happen. It took a long time for them to go back on it too.

  • Pretty
  • Long-lived
  • Magically/technologically advanced
  • Looked up to as paragons of something or other

You’re just space elves. Embrace it.

The whole ‘looked up to as paragons’ is boring.
But then again, polite Drae are just boring in general.

  • Edgy rebels

Yep, definitely elves.

We’re not the ones who blew up our planet with their hubris.

…At least, not the Drae proper.
We don’t talk about the Man’ari.

  • evil version that’s looked down on by the good version

You just keep making it better.

You’re space elves. Welcome to the party.

Yeah well
at least we’re not whining about semantics when it comes to high, blood and void elves!

You got me there, but in my defense I make fun of those guys too.

Well at least we’re on the same side for something.

Here’s the thread you wanted OP

no, you’re the one creating qualifiers here. Arator isn’t a high elf. He’s a half-elf.

I’m willing to bet that if Alliance had actually gotten High elves the forums next task would be removing Blood elves from Horde because how dare monsters use the noble elf model.

Horde stole our elves.
Can’t have crap in Azeroth.

Nice things are forbidden. No one can have anything out of fear the other side will or won’t get it.

We are still in the early throes of alpha. We have barely seen class changes and reworks. They are still not even done with race customizations. We could see new class race options. We have a long road to Q4 for release.

Shadow Priests need a complete reworking and they’ve done 0 changes for them. So there’s still time. Same goes for paladins. Don’t be so gloom and doom until we are a month out from release. Then you can say the sky is falling.

It’s funny, when I first heard about void elves and nightborne becoming playable races I groaned, since I felt that the game really didn’t need more elves. Further, I wasn’t entirely sold on the idea of the rendorei as a people.

But over the two years since their release, I’ve had time to mull it over and come to respect the decision to add them; It gave the alliance another elf race that was technically still high elf (though the origin really shouldn’t have been tied to the sindorei imho) and with a much more flavorful idea then the vanilla elves.

Further, giving them access to a broader set of skin tones actually pleases a portion of the pro-helfer base who were asking for this as a compromise.

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