We’re still here!

Not sure about anyone else, but I can’t help but feel that Blizzard is really giving us low population realms the middle finger. I’ve been on Feathermoon (alliance) since 2008 and still play with people I met back then. Some met me when I was 14, and I’m now 29 with a family and career. That is what makes Azeroth magical, and I hope blizzard implements changes to keep that alive instead of banking on consumer spending money to transfer. I have way too many max level toons and refuse to move to a server where I don’t have friends just because there are more people. I am unsure if an additional realm merge would help, but surely something can be done to bring realms like Feathermoon/Scarlet Crusade back to what they once were.

On that note, my guild (Questadores) is still seeking new members.We are still seeking new membership, especially gearing up towards Dragonflight launch. We are a social guild that is focused around helping each other in whatever way possible. Several of us enjoy endgame content, to include mythic+ and raiding. Some enjoy achievement hunting and casual PVE. Some are into PVP. We have players from all walks of life and all ages/skill levels/interests. We even have some realm first achievements, and a fully stocked guild bank that is available to all members. Recruitment has been up with all the returning players I’ve seen in the past couple weeks, so I figured I’d come over to our (beyond dead) realm forum and let people know we’re still alive and kicking.

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