|Wayfarers Rest Inn| Great turnout! Thanks to all who dropped by!

Welcome to the Wayfarers Rest Inn!

Located in Silvermoon City, magnificent capital of Quel’Thalas, the Wayfarers Rest Inn is ready to greet neighbors and travellers alike. Sumptuous food and savoury drinks await you in our bar and restaurant, located on the main floor, while several luxurious rooms will ensure travellers are well rested while staying in our beautiful city.

Ky’lothren “Ky” Azurebreeze, one of the establishment’s managers, tells us why this inn is so special:

“At the Wayfarers, we take pride in everything Silvermoon City has to offer its citizens and visitors. We feature exquisite local drink and cuisine and a wonderfully inviting and inclusive atmosphere. Come and make new friends at the Wayfarers’ Rest Inn!”


Inaugural Event:
Friday August 26th 2023

Come to the Wayfarers Rest Inn on Friday August 26th from 5pm to 8pm to enjoy some great Silvermoon City role-play.

Along with other guests, both locals and travellers, we are working hard to ensure we have the best staff on hand: managers, bartenders, servers and bards, to ensure your evening is as pleasant as possible.

If you would like to join our friendly staff (blood elf heavy but not exclusive), join the Ashen Court discord server and ask for the Wayfarers Rest Inn role to access the dedicated planning channel.

Ashen Court Discord: https://discord.gg/7spCzk7hpZ


Meet the staff:
Ky’lothren Azurebreeze - Manager

Ky’lothren hails from the Azurebreeze family, known for their skills in the industry of hospitality. His brothers, sisters, uncles and aunts run inns and restaurants in Quel’Thalas, Dalaran and beyond.

Ky’lothren “Ky” Azurebreeze is passionate about the Wayfarer’s Rest Inn. He strongly believes that if the staff is happy, the customers will be as well. He sees himself as the captain of the ship, and his fellow staff are his loyal and dedicated officers.

Wether they’re seeking a drink, sumptuous meal or a stay in one of the inn’s luxiruous rooms, Ky’lothren hopes each patron enjoys their stay at the Wayfarers Rest.


Just a reminder that this is happening tonight!

Make your way to the Wayfarer’s Rest and you’ll find a small staff ready to make your evening an enjoyable one!

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We are open!

A great night at the Wayfarers’ Rest Inn!

The Wayfarer’s Rest featured a new staff last night, starting with new manager Ky’Lothren “Ky” Azurebreeze. Together with his bartender, Halis Leafhollow, they worked to make sure every customer was served and taken care of.

Customers ordered drinks and food, all served in a timely manner, and enjoyed the musical stylings of the staff bard, Benen, whose songs and lute helped created just the right atmosphere.

While the service was good, the Wayfarers’ Rest is looking to hire a proper server, which would be needed if the inn were busier.

Thank you to all who came and helped make Silvermoon City feel alive again! We’ll see you again real soon for the next one…


Did you make enough babies to calm Red down this time?

I have no idea what this is in reference to. lol.

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the dumpsterfire that is the thread titled “Repopulate SMC”


I’m sure they mean well. Just didn’t do much research before posting.


Hey Wyrmrest!

Would there be any interest in a Tavern Night at the Wayfarer’s Rest in the coming weeks? I’m thinking on a Friday Night…


Friday, February 2nd:
Tavern Night at the Wayfarers Rest!

Its Friday Night and the mood is right. Gonna have some fun, show you how it’s done at the Wayfarer’s Rest!

Come and hang out with Ky Azurebreeze, manager, and his staff. Partake in beverages and good food and enjoy the company of Silvermoon City’s citizens and visitors!

This Friday, starting at 5pm server time!

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Bump! Come on down to the Wayfarers Rest tonight!

What a great turnout last night at the Wayfarers Rest! Food and drinks were served and we had a wonderful bard playing music all night. Thank you to everyone who came out to support us!

We’ll do it again next month and we could use more staff! Comment below if you have a character that could tend bar or wait tables!