Waycrest Manor





I dunno what people’s problem is. I liked this dungeon a lot.


The RNG route and tight hallways with crap affixes like sanguine and storming. Hell the two new affixes in a tight camera hallway are going to be awful and that’s like half the trash.

That said I’m super excited. Most of the BfA dungeons were pretty good.

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I think that’s more of a problem of hating the affixes, which I agree with you on that. The dungeon itself however is great.


waycrest is one of their best dungeons


Waycrest has a great atmosphere and music, but it was never all that great for M+ design.

That said, given their experience with Return to Karazhan, and how they changed tacks for Freehold with the weekly rotation RNG, this version of Waycrest MAY remove the door rotations. We’ll have to see.

And as someone mentioned ,the interaction with the current affix pool is set up to be annoying. You can’t really separate that out from “the dungeon” especially since we’ll only experience the dungeon in M+. If every week feels terrible to play because of this affix, or that affix, well that’ll be a shame.

The dungeon as a whole was fairly lopsided. ALl of the difficulty lay in certain pulls, the rest was tedious and long. Tuning and ability reworks on the mobs might change that, just like with Underrot. 39-minute timer is not going to feel great if that goes live, though.

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Next expansion we’ll see hour long timers for sure

I don’t like it, myself. I just wanna see how long it can go before critical mass is achieved.

I’m just waiting for keys being ragequit when someone missing the Thone of the Tides’ 10-minute elevator. Or groups wiping because you can’t really clear dots anymore on Mindbender.

Maybe there’s an outside chance they’ll make it an instant port or something.

hellllll noooooooooooo.

This dungeon was pure aids on tyranical weeks and really bad on fort weeks due to thrash density. Sanguine was also nightmarish.

Altdazar is also really bad.

Darkheart, Brh, Throne is ok though. The elevator has to be changed too 100 percent. That thing will take a solid 2 mins off the timer alone.

Tuning will have to do done for a lot of bosses especially on tyranical weeks or it will simply one shot players without serious DR’s or immunities.


Aww yisss my favorite dungeon!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Perfect theme for Halloween


I’m looking forward to Waycrest. It was a really fun dungeon. I am hoping they unlock all the routes at once so it is more open. They already adjusted both Freehold and Underrot to be more consistent on routing, so I am hoping the same will be done with Waycrest.


Im all for it… as long as incorporeal and afflicted dont spawn on upper levels, or in hard to reach or see places… or even through walls.

Those would be my concerns.

Open doors, how do they even work?

I’m going to remember to buy Naxxy this year.

waycrest is going to be one of the easiest. If people can down totems atal dazar will be cake aswell. Throne is going to be crazy hard. People seem to forget that half the monsters in that dungeon were 1-2 shots. The green puddles used to do 50% hp per tick, mindbender boss trash trash would wipe groups the whole way. the little murlocks were hurty af. And the big ads further down the hallway that threw you into the ceiling would wipe entire groups. I enjoyed that dungeon but its hard af.

I don’t know why people use an old dungeons original tuning when that has 0 basis on what it will be in mythic+.

VP and TJS saw many changes and Throne of the Tides will as well.


The thrash in atal dazar always, always caused wipes and it was very easy too do it too especially the thrash before the zombie boss. Unless they change mob density and tune the fights no way Waycrest is easy.

Everything about that dungeon was a pain. I know they’re changing Tides, they drastically changed Vortex but Waycrest and Alt dazar are way more recent so hard to tell.

If they fix the random hallways random routes thing waycrest would be a top tier m+ dungeon. That being said its the same sort of thing as saying if they fixed the rp runs and rng in court of stars it would be a good key, and we know how that went.

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They just have to remove sanguine affix, and make sure incorporeal and afflicted dont spawn on floors above or below the group, in addition to not spawning through or in walls.

I loved running Waycrest… except on sanguine. I hate running anything on sanguine

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