*Wave* Looking for Old Friends

I imagine there’s a few old Silver Hand players out there who remember when The War Council was not too shabby at this game.

I’ve been gone since 2011, but I just wanted to send a hello to everyone from back then, and an invitation to chat anytime.

  • Nandladin
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Yah I remember the War Council :slight_smile:

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Wow…Nandladin. Used to raid as Solkanar, the mage. You were raid leader I believe during blackwing descent for a short time before Radz took over when you quit . Then Minatron took over and led a golden age of the War Council for about 5 years before we died during Nighthold.

I actually came on to find some old friends and saw this, which the post is a year and a half old and still on front page.

I left Silverhand when it was dying to join a mega server. Still raiding 16 years later mythic ( which was heroic back in our day ) and getting cutting edge.

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hey guys,
I remember playing in Silverhand! If you remember character “TAR” he used to raid with you guys. That is my dad. he got me into this game hahaha!
stopping by to say Hi to the old friends & if anyone wants to play. message me.

This seems 2 years too late, but I remember your name from vanilla days. Maybe BC. I played on a prot warrior named Softee back then. :wave:

Damn how did I not know servers still had their own forums? This is dead forum though go figure. Naaaand we miss you! Hai Solk!! :stuck_out_tongue: