With rep tokens from tw there isn’t even a grind for the blue one anymore. The red one might take a while now. I don’t see many fishing raids anymore. Just make anglers rep required to buy the boots. I think I read they are doing that.

Honestly, as long as I continue to have the ability to use a water-walking mount, everyone else can get one, oprah style. At this point, however, I just expect blizz to take away water walking from everyone right before the patch drops.

The only problem they are going to run into if they do it this way is that people are just going to end up restricting themselves to a few mounts because no one is going to equip 300 plus of them…

So people will have one water walking mount which they will use on all their characters, one daze mount which they will use on all their characters, and one parachute mount which they will use on all their characters.

In a sense they will compound the problem some people had with the water strider but to a lesser degree since they can always just add equipment to other mounts but people being cheap may not.

Except its still not clear if the items are use 1 all mounts get it across all toons and you gotta change it to change trait. It won’t be bad if you can equip a different item to different mounts at the same time. This still isn’t clear.

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It seems like it is equipping each mount based on the ui.

This post seems to indicate otherwise though. Why would you need BoA if you applied it permanently to a mount which is usable by all ? And he specifically mentions making all that character’s mounts walk on water.

They upgraded it. Now your water strider can choose.

That would need clarifying. I personally would prefer a system where you can assign equipment to each mount. That would make having more then one mount useful. Even if its to a limited capacity. Like only x amount of mounts can have wayerwalking. Instead of just an aura that applies to yourself when mounted.

That way you can have like a rhino with anti daze. An azure drake with water walking. A clefthoof with reducing threat range etc. It would make the system better and increase the amount of mounts people use. I already have a mount for flying only for ground only for waterwalking and for swimming on my sidebars.

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Me too. With that system, the blue seems to indicate, I can see why people want the water strider left alone.

Next week I guess we see and will have input on the PTR.

The problem is no matter how you slice this, the water strider lost. To get back an ability it had for years, we have to give up one of these special equipment slots. This means we lose out upon some other feature for it. It would be like saying “flight” is now an equipment slot. You can still fly and upon any mount you want, you just need to equip the item!

You can argue over whether getting the strider is/was work. It’s easy now. Point is if you didn’t earn it you don’t deserve ww. I think it’s gonna work that way though. It’s not feeling entitled to earn something and not want it given away later.

The bottom line is that we shouldn’t have to jump through any hoops or pay a huge sum of gold for that item to mail to alts when we already had the water strider in the first place. It worked perfectly fine before this, and should work the same after. Make it so the water strider retains everything it had and just can’t benefit from the other equipment items. Easy. Like how do they keep screwing these decisions up EVERY time?


How would you feel op, if you farmed and finally got Deathchargers reigns which is a 1% drop rate, and they turned around and just gave it to everyone?

The game is turning into a super watered down easy play that you could almost watch cutscenes and collect your weekly satchel and log out.

who are they catering to now?

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False equivalency.

The cosmetic differences in a mount are not the same as the functional differences in a mount.

Alex, I will take entitled snowflakes for a thousand please

I got the Rep for and bought the WaterStrider 6 months ago and have used it a lot since then. Its been a great convenience. Now things are going to change and looks like I wont be tied to that one mount for use on water. Games, work and life have changes. No big deal.

^^ Normal Dwarf Adult.



How do you understand this will work, each mount you apply a piece equipment to and can use that mount with that ability account wide. Or each character you want to use that ability on has to apply it.

Makes a big difference on how you figure this will work for a normal adult to be okay with this.

Nope… doesnt matter. A normal adult should be ok with a game changing. You missed the whole point.

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Ya, who cares if you paid 5 million gold, I had to fish for the strider and that was way worse. We all need the auction house attachment.

It is one slot for all your mounts. So for you to keep the water strider working as it currently does, you need to give up that one equipment slot. Thus you lose out upon a new feature just to keep an old one.