Water Strider Water Walking Passive - Removed

Or just make it act like Sky Golem. mind blown


I don’t care either way. I’d just like to be able to use it on low levels like I do now.

Naah that would be a gain, too good for the players.

You give something you take something, thats the rule from now on.

And you get to announce it as a patch feature! :tada:


Good riddance.

Mounts in game: 123098
Mounts used for more than showing off in town: 1

Well, at least they already know about it


Wowhead did say this. A blue clarified this. It doesn’t change my stance on this as you still have to choose what equipment you want and change it out, meaning you have to carry a bunch of junk in your bag.

I am not against the mount equipment, for some it will be useful. I am against removing water walking from the strider, something I worked hard to obtain.


Thats not the point. Like at all .

So let me get this straight–

I will have to have the mount to unlock the water walking Equipment item…

That I:
1- Already grinded the rep for
2- Already purchased the mount because it WATER WALKS

So that I can:
1- Log into a character that has the rep for the unlock
2- Take the time to go purchase the BoA equipment item
3- PAY MORE GOLD even though I shelled out gold specifically for the mount because it WATER WALKS.
4- Mail it to an Alt so they can have WATER WALKING on a mount that USED to WATER WALK.

Nah, legit bad idea.

If players want choice on which mount they use for Water walking, let them go buy the item for a different mount-- But don’t force us to spend more gold on a mount that arbitrarily had water walking on, was removed, and we have to spend more time and gold to make it water walk again.


Totally agree. Was just making sure that people had seen the Blue Post.

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I swear they are just looking for ways to make this expansion as horrible as possible.

If Blizzard doesn’t have a problem with conditioning their employees into accepting intrusion into their private lives, why do players think Blizzard would refrain from conditioning us to accept their “less is more” development philosophy?

“Each time we introduced something, there was a bit of an outcry: ‘You’re prying into our lives,’ ” Ezzard said. “But we slowly increased the sensitivity of stuff, and eventually people understood it’s all voluntary, there’s no gun to your head, and we’re going to reward you if you choose to do it.”
“People’s sensitivity,” he added, “has gone from, ‘Hey, Activision Blizzard is Big Brother,’ to, ‘Hey, Activision Blizzard really is bringing me tools that can help me out.’ ”


Except most areas in Vanilla don’t have much water to traverse. Most are small ponds or streams that are easily jumped or rode around, and there are bridges for places like Western Plaguelands near Anderhol. I honestly never used Water Striders much in those zones. But all my alts do keep the strider handy on my key bar for the few times they are needed. It is a shame that choice for under 100s is being taken away.

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The idea is that, if you so choose, you can replace waterwalking with another mount trait.

Or herb gathering with another mount trait.

Purely optional choices.

Oh how will we ever cope.

I was actually stoked about this. Guess I’m in the minority.

And within that same video talking about the water strider losing its water walking…T&E mentioned this to Ion and he agreed that its a problem and most likely get fixed. Its not even on the PTR yet, chill people.

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Could you ride another mount please? Oh no you won’t, that’s what I thought.

You can already gather herbs in other mounts beside the Sky Golem.

I’m glad for the change. Being locked behind one or two mounts because of their functionality makes all of those other really cool mounts you’ve collected useless. Also in another thread blue posted that after a character hits 100 it unlocks for all characters 20+

Anyone who disagrees with this change, is wrong.

mmm ok I wasn’t mad before but now I am. The water strider should not lose its ability to walk on water - that was the whole point of the blasted thing. People did the rep for it for that reason.

I was thinking “oh this might be good. I can use the anti-daze one and then just hop on water strider for large bodies of water as needed.”

I’m not one of those people that stay on the strider all the time right now. No one has to use the strider on land. Some people just choose to do so - probably out of sheer laziness.


It’s losing the ability to walk on water and they’re giving it back for free. There are plenty of actual problems in the game. This is not one of them.

Not only will the water walking mount be able to walk on water, the other mounts will as well. The horror. Only the WoW forums could make this into a problem.

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