Water Strider Water Walking Passive - Removed

Or, it’s people complaining about ideas that aren’t needed. I had to do a good amount of work for that mount and the whole reason I got it is now being taken away. Not exactly a small thing to complain about, nor a good idea. This thread is a good example of how some players will applaud anything Blizz throws out, whether it;s bad or good, it doesn’t matter; that doesn’t help anything ever.


And now you can use your saber mounts to walk on water. Or some other mount.

So we have to re-buy something we already have because they are taking it away.
That is part of why some people are unhappy.


You just need to use:

Only works in BFA. Also, they’re consumables. Not really an efficient use of resources, considering I only gather nodes in passing while doing an emissary while queued for something.

Water Strider nerf isn’t bad. Here’s why:

A small clarification to our plans with Mount Equipment–

Hitting level 100 on one character will unlock this system. Once unlocked, the system will be available to all characters, and the equipment pieces themselves will require level 20. If your goal is to have waterwalking while leveling, you can just enable the waterwalking Mount Equipment (there will be one available via Anglers reputation **that will be bind-on-account)**, and it’ll work exactly as before, with the benefit of making all of that character’s mounts walk on water.

Okay fine… as long as I can send equips from my rich alts across servers to my newbie allied race alts… I suppose I can live with this.

Agreed I put in lost of time into farming the Angler rep to get that mount and I main a DK but I got it mainly for my non-water walking classes this is a real spit in the eye for people who bothered to do the work or worse just got around completing this task and are now finding out there hard work was for nothing.

The nerf is unneeded anyone can obtain the mount it’s still in the game and the requirement is as simple as unlocking one of the allied races.

They could have added the mount equipment without taking away from the playerbase. just make it so you couldn’t put equipment on the water strider.


classic looking better and better

Okay if we can only have one mount equipment active per character - period, and not one per mount (as that’s what I am seeing – correct me if I am wrong) these are some of the solutions I think Blizzard could do that would resolve some of the complaints:

  1. As many have said; leave water walking as a passive, and don’t allow the chosen equipment to work – much like the Golem. It seems like Blizzard is using “water walking” as the carrot, and thinks if they leave water walking on the striders players won’t use the mechanic. All honesty, I wish there were more mounts that had “special” traits. I miss this with my hunter’s pets.

  2. Make the mount equipment like Glyphs were. Where you have to get them once, but then can switch between them (similar to how the HoA powers will be). Heck, I would even be okay requiring each of my characters to have to get it (like Glyphs were), and only allow swapping at rested areas or only at stables.

  3. Allow 1 mount equipment per mount instead of per character.

I am not too worried about this; if it’s 1 mount equipment per character. Then my grounded alts can use water walking until they get flying. Then they get the parachute cause I have accidentally dismounted so many times and killed myself it’s not even funny.

I am hoping this is just a start of this mechanic, and they plan on building on it and not leaving it to just die at this form. Like adding more equipment slots and maybe even have minor or major trait mount equipment. Maybe even some cosmedic type minor traits for mounts. I also hope if they scrap this idea later they return the striders’ water walking ability.

They want people to get used to having game features and things they worked for taken away for no reason.

“Please sir, may I have another?”


It’s highly unlikely they will do any of these things. Your alts will swim or you will pay somebody to transport them if you don’t have multiple accounts.

But won’t alts be able to use a mount equipment? Some places said they require 110 to unlock the feature and 20 to use the mount equipment. If so, I could just use the water walking until they can fly.

Speak for yourself. I’ve always wanted to do things like that on the mounts of my choosing.

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Hopefully they won’t nerf underwater mounts.

Your a special person.

No you are not. Stop spreading lies.

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I hope not. Underwater mounts are restricted to only underwater (e.g. you dismount when you leave water).

The same people who are irrationally annoyed by the intended use of water striders will be 10x-100x more annoyed when they see water walking spider mounts.

They are trying to condition people to get used to having game features removed or replaced with things like temporary expansion features or easily removed consumables.

They’re tired of having people expect to be able to keep things they earned rather than giving them up meekly and continuing to play content they know now 100% could be nerfed away at some point.

They’re going after flight again. I bet the same people who are whole-heartedly supporting this were on the anti-flight team in wod.