Water Strider Water Walking Passive - Removed

are they removing barding and stirrups from crafting? that would suck.

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I mine and herb extensively, and I never use the water strider mount because I’m using stirrups and water walking breaks on damage, making the strider worthless after the first hostile encounter unless I dismount and resummon. Easier to just use my falcosaur (which has a more narrow profile and is less likely to interfere with me clicking on herb nodes) and go around/jump over puddles. Nazmir doesn’t have any zone-specific nodes, so I simply don’t farm there.

Shockingly I do NOT see that many players on water striders. The only time I see them is when doing a WQ next to a coast or lake. EX) in tiragarde killing the crab or murloc then everyone mounts up and runs across the lake to the azerite WQ.

I have had zero problems using all my new mounts like the meat wagon and hyenas. The only time I use my strider is when I know I am about to need to cross water.

Stop punishing me because other players lack self control or the ability to make choices. Why does blizzard care what mount we ride?

Leave the water strider passive alone. Make it not benefit from the gear system. People who earned the strider can use it or “transmog” a different water walk mount. People who don’t have the strider can gain a water walker. As it stands I’m going to have to use the water walk gear on all my toons. Wow, such choice great system.


Remove herbing from the shredders and remove water walking potions, shaman spell, and DK spell. Let’s really level this thing out all the way.


Problem solved right here. It’s not rocket science.


I’ve said it time and time again. The entire development process, from the biggest things down to the minute details, is created from the mindset of ‘how do we slow things down?’ I’m so glad I let my sub lapse, I just wish the launcher would quit crashing so I could uninstall.


From Blizz in another post:

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This, this so much, why remove the ability from strider? are they try to prove something? because they can? they already know we react badly when they take stuff from us, please complain as much as possible, they should implement the changes for mounts and leave the strider alone.


Actually, players have asked for this exact thing, in many threads, with at least two as recent as legion and BFA.

I remember nothing but agreement, in the threads.


its a bad change.

Or… now, hear me out. I know it sounds crazy. Maaaaaybe zone design shouldn’t be built around traversing around so much water? Mountains as well, but not the subject being discussed here. Crazy right?


Yeah I agree. This is a dev created problem if they don’t want people using a water strider they created and put into the game as much as some players apparently do lol

(Also agree on the mountains :slight_smile: )

My under leveled characters could use the mount to walk on water. Now they can’t. So, it is actually a nerf, and we did lose something.


Yes, they can. If you missed the news, you unlock the feature at level 100, but it’s account-wide so your level 20 alts can use the waterwalking equipment.

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It was only the few that have asked for the removal of that ability, due to them not wanting to grind for the rep, in order to get the mount. Now I agree that the rep demanded for the mount was irritating and stupid. They should have just made it an honor level rep or no rep, to get the mount.

I’ve had the mount since early MoP. I am happy to finally be able to get rid of it. I hate that ugly bug.

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I didnt read every post but… once you have a character at 100 it unlocks the system of mount equipment for all level 20 and higher toons on your account.

Yeah, I agree it is ugly. That is the main reason why I used my saber mounts or some other cool looking mount when I was on the ground, but I used this mount to walk across water.

Now you can use your saber mounts or some other cool looking mount when you walk across water! :smiley:

Look at me straight in the eye and tell me that’s a bad thing.

I would rather have the dazing effect equipment or the herb equipment on my saber. Then when moving through mobs, I would not get dazed. For the other is for farming. I just do not see the point of a pointless nerf.


I’m sure someone else has posted it but no one is losing it below level 100 except for a brand new player who wouldn’t have the strider anyway.

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