Water strider nerf? Okay, I'm out

So the water strider should have flight?

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They have reasons, and have stated those reasons for most of that countless times, you just don’t like those reasons. There’s a difference.

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From Wowhead:

“These items will be made by professions (e.g. Dazed from Blacksmithing) and can be replaced at any time. However, the item is destroyed when replaced. [Judgehype]”(https://worldofwarcraft.judgehype.com/article/rise-of-azshara-summit-on-a-joue-au-patch-8-2-chez-blizzard/) announced that Blizzard thinks the price should be 1,000 gold .

T&E announced that if you have a Water Strider on 8.2’s launch, you will get a free [Inflatable Mount Shoots] item which lets all your mounts walk on water. In addition, if you head to the vendor where you bought a Water Strider, you’ll be able to buy more of this item for a greatly reduced price as an advantage for those who already have the Water Strider.

of course you have to travel all the way back to pandaland to get more shoes lol

Don’t think it will be that bad. Not sure exactly how it will work though. How bout making anglers rep required to buy the ww boots?

A greatly reduced price for something we already use for free - which we spent time earning. Really I don’t like this nerfing of our efforts business.

Also, why the heck are blacksmiths making this when leatherworkers were making the barding.

But why should I have to go to the trouble to fly to the water strider vendor, and BUY this equipment/ability yet again, for who knows how many alts that I feel need it, when it was an innate ability before 8.2 and free to all my alts and instantaneous besides. I don’t know how much this piece of equipment will be, but this shouldn’t even be an issue I have to deal with, on top of all the other money and time sinks in this game. I see it only as another way to waste my time and gold on something that should be a non-issue because I already grinded out the rep to have this mount.


Always find it super weird when people claim they are quitting a video game because of travel.
I understand its slightly more than that this time, but I would seriously recommend anyone worked up about this, especially after the clarification to just take a step back from the game for sure.

It’s a shame that it is this way, but if after a huge information dump for the biggest patch ever you are left super upset about some travel stuff, then your patience with the game has run out.

Take some time off and wait until the patch is closer to coming out. Check back and see if your fresh perspective helps you be more excited. If not, then you made the right choice!
Best of luck either way.


Not sure how it works yet. I’m hoping it’s account bound and once you equip on a mount all toons get the effect. Clarification would be nice. If that’s the case we get one free ww item if we have strider.

It’s account bound, usable at level 20. This is literally the worst reason I’ve ever seen anyone unsub. Hilarious. Some of you haven’t even figured out what’s actually going on before crucifying Blizzard.


OP you are the type of player we need gone. Peace.


a level 90 can.

once you hit 100 ALL characters on your account gain access to the mount equipment system.

according to the wowhead article I was reading it was stated that anyone that owns a waterstrider will get a free pair of inflatable mount shoes.

the waterstrider? are you serious? Timewalking alone makes getting it a joke. WoD raid fishing makes getting it a joke. Only reason I don’t have it is because I know I would never use it.

Most players on forums are angry and do not represent the majority of us in game.


See you in Nazjatar buddy!

A lot of people got these back in MoP when they did require a lot of time. Just because some people spent less time getting them doesn’t mean they all did.

one free pair of mount shoes - I have over 30 characters on my main account - I need 30 FREE to make it equal to what I have already.

Yep, the farming aspect being trivialized already happened. That’s a poor reason to dislike this change.

Imagine unsubbing because of the water strider. lol

Still not sure exactly how this will work. I now understand its acct wide once you get a toon to 100. Does that mean once I equip the boots on mount with main, all alts get waterwalking? Can different mounts have different items equipped at the same time? If that’s the case it will be nice. Anyone know all the details?

The item used is accountwide. You don’t buy it for every alt that needs it, from what I understand. That is how I understand it.

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“So Blizz says Water Strider is too dominating because of water walking with their left hand, then the right hand gives water walking to everyone.”

Why do you think this is inconsistent. This is perfectly consistent. They’re unhappy with the waterstrider being so powerful because there shouldn’t be a “correct” choice of mount. They want people using the mount they like the most. So they gave every mount the ability to water walk.

From Blizz in another thread:

… welp… this sucks… I grinded out the fishing to get the red bug and don’t have any rep with anglers.