#water strider mount back!




Nothing to save more of considering it will operate the same as before.

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Thing is, once earned we can currently use the water strider on ALL of our characters. When they change it, from what they have written in there little post, we will only get ONE SINGLE token to give water walking back on ONE SINGLE character. For me, I will have to purchase 24+ tokens for my other 24+ toons just to have exactly the same game experience as I have now…

This is acting as a removal of game content and not an addition too the content for anyone with more that a single character.

Best thing they could do is just leave the water strider alone and make it not affected by the equipment. That way I can choose if I want to give all my mounts on a single toon water striding aswell as the water strider, or have the anti daze on all my other mounts but still getting the water strider to walk on water with the risk of being dazed off of it.

We don’t quite know that yet. Maybe it’s like the 7th Legion and Honorbound FP map. Asking if it’s multi use or a consumable is a fairer question.

note the “all of that character’s mounts walk on water.”

“THAT characters”, as in singular it only affects one single character and that is the character that it is used on, if you want it on all your other characters like it is now, you will have to purchase one for every single character…

For those of us with the water strider, we are not gaining anything from this, in fact we’re just being forced to fork out who knows how much gold just to have exactly what we have now.

Why do you guys care so much about that ugly bug mount lol?

I mean it’s cute, but you could be riding a motorcycle on the water like someone said.

How do you not want that?



They want to be able to waterwalk at will and choose anti-daze for all the others.

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They can’t have it all. They can have exactly what they have now - a waterwalking waterstrider - or they can sacrifice waterwalking for a permanent end to daze. Considering this is literally the Pathfinder pt. II patch… is this really even a question for these people?

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Because i worked for it. I grinded the rep for weeks to get it and now that is all moot and its being killed off to appease the lazy. It should retain its ability so those with it can equip something else

The thing I’m looking forward to the most in 8.2 is removing that stupid strider from all of my characters hotbar.

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I worked for it too, almost seven years ago now. I’ll be the first one to say “So long, and thanks for all the fish” when the day comes. No daze. Ever.
And if you want waterwalking for it, you still have it. You just have it for every other mount you own now too.

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all this crap won’t matter when you able to fly

It wasnt necessary to nerf the strider for this change. But then again these are the people that made BfA so cant say im surprised

It is necessary. If the strider retains its waterwalking, in addition to parachute/anti-daze, it’s just as mandatory as it is now. If it doesn’t, its ability is spread to every mount in your collection. It’s not as simple a matter as some people who commented here about sky golems. Everyone has to travel over water eventually while very few characters are herbalists, so they just don’t equate.

Why does it matter at all? The strider can still have waterwalking just like before.

This is literally a non issue.

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You’re right.

It could also keep it naturally the same way it is now, not benefit from any of the mount equipment just like the Sky Golem, and it would “literally” never have been brought up at all.

People trying to convince you that by taking something from you and giving it back that its a gift

Let me reiterate: if you want to waterwalk with the strider, nothing changes. At all. You don’t have a parachute/anti-daze today, and you can just not have it later. Player choice. Sorry.

No. The change is good for the game.

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