#water strider mount back!

With this system you can equip any equipment to your favorite mounts like the fox, a parachute, water walking, etc…

It’s per character, and I have not seen them clarify if they’ll be giving a freebie to every character on the account, or just to the character(s) with the rep to buy the water strider. The wording “there will be one available that will be bind on account” doesn’t clarify anything about the freebie.

If you decide not to replace the free item you will get from the mailbox absolutely nothing will change for you.

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Leaving the strider as it is defeats the point of the equipment system. It’s about giving more freedom of choice, not keeping it restricted to one OP mount.


How would exempting the water strider from the equipment system keep you from using water striding on your other mounts?


From Blizz on another thread:

I don’t think hashtags can have spaces in them op.

I mean, if you don’t want to use it, don’t. But don’t take away stuff from the rest of the players because of something you dislike.

I would rather the striders keep their unique mount ability, but get no benefit from any of the mount equipment. The same way the Sky Golem is keeping its unique mount ability but getting no benefit from the mount equipment.

Treat them all the same, one way or the other.


Because many people would be too lazy to go to the Anglers to get a new one. This way you can make any mount you want water walking and even have the freedom to let your strider be for another purpose.

What I mean is people would just use the other two options all the time. Then still feel forced to use the water strider just to maximize it and get both benefits.

That actually removes any sense of choice since you’re still funneled into using the bug, exactly how it is now. Nerfing it lets you have more freedom in using other mounts.

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You’re going to tell me how you’re interpreting that statement, because what I’m reading is, “you can buy the item on your high level alts and mail it to your low level alts to use at level 20”, not “every alt on your account will get a free water walking item to use.”

Nothing is being taken away if you bother reading the blue post that’s been linked across the entire internet. The only thing we “lose” is seeing everyone on a waterstrider at all times.
A NEW AGE IS UPON US. N’zoth smiles upon us indeed.

I’m interpreting it as more freedom. Does it leave questions still, yes. But I don’t think your assumption answers those questions.

If you want to use water walking on a different mount, no one will stop you. Literally no one. Let the rest of us keep what we have now.

I would be OK with that only if the Equipment version was vastly superior.

Like the Water Strider’s waterwalking breaks on damage but the Equipment one doesn’t.

Otherwise it’s just cherrypicking.

You can have what you have now. You get a water walking equipment for free if you already have the mount.

They’re already cherrypicking because they aren’t removing the Sky Golem’s unique ability.

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Answer me this: if the strider keeps the water walking AS IS right now, how would that affect you if you can put water walking on a mount of your choosing?

Honestly they should both be treated like the strider is treated. I would feel bad for anyone who legitimately likes the strider mount but would be locked in to using water walking, making them deprioritize it over other mounts when no water is present.