Water Strider Discussion

Oh good, I look forward to getting the portals back. Oh wait…


take away waterwalking
SELL it back to us with an item
sounds about right for blizz lately…


I spent alot of time repping this strider on multiple toons. Hours in WOD getting the crimson strider, hours in kasarang doing daily’s for the raft and strider. Was mad enough when they made the raft a toy that each toon had to idividually rep to use !!! Leave my strider alone, why do you feel that we have to play the game your way !! This is just another slap in the face to players !!!


Except every one will get the item for free if they already have the water strider. Don’t like this change, here’s an idea:
Put it back on the water strider. Done.


On the water strider if you get hit, it loses its ability to walk on water. Which is just as bad as being dazed.


You misunderstand me. Uninformed people are complaining about a feature they aren’t even clear on how it works yet.

Test it yourself first, then offer feedback.

Saying “man, 8.2 sux because they’re taking away our water striders I’m gonna quit the game and go play ff14 f u blizzzzz” is unnecessary.

You wouldn’t make that argument for anything else in this game.

Are you wearing that gear cause it’s pretty or stat levels on it?
Do you choose food based on the description or the consequences?
Do you want all classes to have the same abilities or individuality?
Do you think unique rewards for hard work are bad and should be removed?
Do think battle pets are chosen based on their abilities or how they look?
Do you use choose gems for their stats or based on your favourite colour?

This game is a plethora of things obtained and chosen because of what they are able to do, and are lectured continuouslly that diversity is a good thing, but apparently you now want to argue it’s good if all mounts can do the same thing?


They’re giving us the caverns of time portal back. How would this be any different. They do listen.


I use it often and to cross Thousand Needles.

Not for those who don’t have Pathfinder in Warlords.

And sacrifice using any other mount equipment just to get back something we spent a lot of time grinding for.


Water walking is balanced by breaking on damage. At which point, the striders are the same as any other mount+barding combination.

I swear, only on this forum would I see people arguing that the ability to get from point A to point B is somehow OP and needs to be nerfed.


They’re just conditioning us to accept having mounts, pets, and appearances we earned in the past arbitrarily removed from our collections for no reason whatever.

Remember that the next time you’re earning rep toward something you think they’re going to let you keep. You’re not. They want you to know that.


Dude, thats like 1 out of 8 missing portals. That is not listening.


The only time it’s a benefit that I notice is the farming route in Tiragarde where people farm sea stalks and riverbud, and I don’t think waterwalking should have both advantages even just for farming.
Otherwise, yeah it’s not a super big deal to need both buffs. But it was still something overlooked that I forgot about.

Probably because the portal thing isn’t even close to a big deal.


man i said this so many times in Beta… but Live made a complete fool of me.


To who? You?


I admit, I’m usually pretty optimistic. I just see no point getting worked up over something that I can’t even test yet.

If they removed archaeology from the game tomorrow, I wouldn’t think it was a big deal… but it certainly would be to somebody. Don’t be so self centered.


Why are people complaining?

…. Which will still hold true when you make whatever other mount you like your new water-walker.
So like, again, this change is to just level the playing field. This game is getting old and some old mechanics need to be arranged to jive with newer ones. Otherwise it’s like sitting down to play MTG in standard rotation but some other guy doesn’t understand why his old cards that are accidentally overpowered combined with new ones aren’t allowed anymore.

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