Water Strider Discussion

When you’re out of ideas, all that’s left is recycling.


Yet, the original devs (you know…those guys who “designed” the game) made it clear, in fact boasted, that WOW was a welcoming game for all styles of play?

Just because the game caters to dungeoneers and raiders as players who seek the more difficult and rewarding style of play does not mean that the game MUST be played that way.

The early devs created a game that was more open and with many choices for different types of players in order to meet the needs of the many styles of play.

If dungeons and raids were the only focus of this game, we would not have pet battles. The devs would not have, long ago, removed the requirements for only groups to be able to access dungeons and raids, in order to farm for items, for those who do not necessarily engage in the more difficult end game play.

These are just a couple of the things that the early devs did to express their desire to create a game that could meet the needs of many types of players.

They created a game for the many different styles of players and this resulted in an mmo that broke all of the records.

All of this has been trashed by the current devs. They are not interested in anything but dungeons and raids.

Especially raids.

In Legion, they happily gave away what other players had always been able to obtain (flying, hunter taming of rare pets, and many more things) to dungeoneers and raiders and pretty much made it clear that they had no problem taking things away from players of other play styles. Nearly everything that non-group instance players had to look forward to was taken away and given to dungeoneers and raiders.

I am waiting to see how flying is handled in BfA and if they will, once again, show no regard for their players who are not totally committed to dungeon and raid play.

Yes this game was created for ALL of us, but yes it is true that there appears to be little respect, currently, for those same players.

Dungeoneers and raiders rule and if that creates more discord and animosity among the community members…so be it.

Sad fall from what this game used to be.



I feel like that’s going to be higher come live.


Yeah I miss the days where I could focus on playing the game instead of figthing a dev team with their bad ideas. :frowning:


I have a question regarding these mount changes in 8.2. Currently I use my Water Strider and use the Monel-Hardened Stirrups consumable to be able to do both. Will this still be possible in 8.2 or will we have to choose between water walking and being able to interact while mounted?

Since to water walk in 8.2 we will need to equip Water Boots which take up a Mount Equipment slot, will the ability to interact while mounted require a separate item in the Mount Equipment Slot? Which means we can only do one or the other but not both together?

That’s a known bug on the PTR, the plan is for alts level 20 and above to be able to use the equipment.

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I wouldn’t be surprised; they often put lower prices in PTR to encourage the testing of new items. I also wouldn’t be surprised if it’s cheap on the PTR solely to quiet down complaints, since many have said their fine with paying so long as it’s cheap enough.

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Thanks for the reply.
Any ideas about me being able to mail one to an alt after using it?
That is what I’d hope for, but then I wasn’t able to repeat that on another character, because it removed the one I used from the stack I had.

Meh. It means you’re either mailing one item around to all your characters (think the BFA flightpoint should be toy item from pathfinder).

It was cheaper for me to buy it and send it to all my alts time investment wise than to buy it and pass it around once. This way I knew which toons actually had it and which didn’t.

It also means that we’re going to get bag slots filling up with mount equipment now, per character, when these items should really be toys so you only buy them once and can access them on every character easily.

Firstly, for players like me that’s 4000 gold to regain something we have already done a grind and paid 4000 gold for, and it will take a full day’s playing time just to purchase, mail and equip it for my 100 alts.

Secondly, you’re only seeing a sapling, not the forest behind it. The crafted equipment are predicted to cost 1000 gold. I remember crafted follower equipment being predicted to cost that too, and look what they ended up costing. Every time you switch to one of these you will end up switching back to water walking, if the strider is presently half as mandatory as Blizzard thinks it is.

To force us to constantly spend money changing equipment, all Blizzard has to do now is make sure next patch involves a need for anti-daze and parachutes to get through questing.

Their ultimate dream would be to also make herbing an equipment - as Metro is begging for - because that would definitely lead to continual equipment changes.

This is why the system is per character and not per mount, so we have to pay to change equipments for different circumstances and can no longer just change mounts. For a game involving much travelling, (now the wars on flying and portals makes sense,) this is this ultimate generator of (not so) miocro transactions, and will greatly increase token sales amongst the whales.

So other than a minor bug - everything seems to be functioning as described.

Can you please pass along the copious amounts of feedback requesting that the Strider maintain it’s ability and not benefit from the mount equipment?

It would greatly help us feel less cheated and swindled - and right now, I really don’t want to feel this way about this game. <3


Also, an existing level 110 Kul Tiran class trial received a free one in the mail.
Never even mounted a water strider yet.

EDIT - And a copied over 112 alt received one free in the mail.

What’s the cut-off? 100? 110?

Answer- minimum 100, checking again.

Which will finally breathe some life into professions and give you something you previously did not have, yeah. In fact? No one had any of this prior to the mount equipment idea. So yeah, it should cost a bit, or you can farm up the materials to make it yourself.

Also, it should be per mount, so we can have a different mount per different task.

Oh please. We’ve needed professions to actually be useful for a while. Better get farming.

Time to be up front and honest with your customers. Are you taking away the water srider’s ability to walk on water as it is now and making us purchase equipment for it? Just answer it yes or no and deal with the praise or fall out.

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I already had all of this with crafted equipment that could stack for a reasonable price, and using it did not negate my strider’s water walking.

I expect you’d be grateful if I stole your shoes and made you pay each time you wanted to wear a different pair.

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They’ve already answered that with a “yes”, and with the implication that the same could happen to the herbing mount if too many people use it:

they have not answered it, they have only beat around the bush in answering it.

Why are they punishing players for using the things that THEY designed - for they reasons they designed them for!?!?

This is like a twilight zone episode.


Leave the Water Strider mount alone! This mount was the result of a fairly long reputation grind and was an achievement. It should be treated the same way as Sky Golem and exempt from the new system. I don’t really feel the developers are being honest with their customers regarding this change. It seems more like a cloaked attempt to restrict the ability to walk on water with a mount. Also, it seems like developers are trying to appease new players who did not earn the mount by taking away ours. This is the latest in take away and resell abilties back to players scheme. This could very well be the last straw for me if this change is made.


It is because the devs don’t interact with their customers and are out of touch, doing things in the game to justify their job.