Water animals issue

Soo I know druids have water form but outside of that they don’t really do anything water related or so I think :thinking: anywayyy I’m really tied between shaman and druid cuz of this. Can shamans talk to animals specifically water animals? :pleading_face::slightly_smiling_face:

As I understand it Shaman are generally concerned with spirits, ancestral and elemental. If there’s any creature they’re noted for communicating with its Elementals.

Come to think of it I don’t think Druids really talk to animals either. They probably have a deep understanding of animals, especially those of a sect related to an animal Ancient, but I at least can’t recall many instances of them talking to actual animals; only spiritual representations of those animals.

Mind you I am going purely from memory, and am by no means an expert on either class; mechanically or narratively. There might be something more obscure about either that I’ve missed or otherwise forgotten.


being honest here. I don’t think either can talk to animals.
Druids may take the shape of animals but does that mean they understand bear body language? I don’t think so.
That being said they could possibly learn after years of staying in bear form around other bears.
Kinda like a second language for humans but harder… and possibly impossible.
That being said maybe the guardian ursoc can assist if you commune for his blessing.

shamans have no chance. They can commune with elements but not animals.


Ty both of u cuz I was really really confused. So I love animal classes and lore and such what class do u think is good for me then? I usually play psychic or animal/water animal types. Is hunter then for me maybe? :thinking:I ‘’ not big on lore but having a small lore foothold makes me appreciate my class more. :slightly_smiling_face::pleading_face:

Some Hunter archetypes are likely to have strong connections with animals; basically Beastmaster types like Rexxar. Arguably having a deep connection with animals doesn’t really have to be class specific, but I digress. If you’re looking to be someone who maintains close relationships with animals then Hunter should do just fine. I don’t recall there being many aquatic creatures that are tamable, though.

As mentioned before Druids can turn themselves into animals. While the aquatic aspect of their focus on nature isn’t often looked over narratively it is there. While intimate connections with actual animals isn’t inherent in the class it wouldn’t be too far out of the realm of possibility for one have such.

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Ty so much. You have given me peace of mind. I’m super pepega so sometimes I need weird hints and lore to make connections for picking classes. Ty for ur knowledge, you made my days a lot better. :heart_eyes::heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

So, you picked shammy or drood?

I just picked priest instead cuz Druid felt boring to me rn and I didn’t like shaman cuz idk just something can’t pick it on tho. I just really wanted something that like talked to animals and stuff but I can just go night elf for that right so and also wanted a healer so yeah. :blush:

Tortolla represents the balance between land and sea, Elune has power over the sea in like 2 different sources, and theres Coral Ancients. So it makes sense from an RP perspective that Druids have water connections and potential, especially since lore also has us using other elemental magics anyways.

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See I just miss hurricane. I think druids need to be given back a weather control spell tbh. Or make monsoon cooler. :pleading_face:

I think this is incorrect actually, unless it was specifically retconned; the druid in Classic that works with Grimclaw to find Volcor casts a spell specifically to understand what Grimclaw is saying.

Granted, this is literally the only example that comes to mind, but unless something else negates it, I believe it would be considered Canon.

I remember in the book Stormrage, Broll Bearmantle summoned bees by making buzzing noises.

Always thought Druids don’t really speak to animals directly, but through communing through nature magic and emotion/intention

Yo I hate to necro an old thread but in the quest Breaking Through a shaman uses the 5th element of spirit to talk to a giant sea creature, and on the wiki page for the 5th element it mentions Thrall speaking to a stag.
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