Watch the World of Warcraft Expansion Reveal Now!

So excited for the next chapter in WoW!!

Dragonflight is undoubtedly the name of the next expansion, pretty sure that gives any hints you’ll need.


What are you on about exactly?

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COMMENTARY: Honestly I don’t even like covenant abilities, they’re just an extra cool down for most classes


… and Calendar marked.

It’s at a great time for me too! Noon time for me sitting hear on EDT.




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I’m excited for this. Please make the borrowed power systems interesting this time around.

make gear great again. no more systems and borrowed power. just gear upgrades. ty


Or…hear me out…don’t have any borrowed power or systems and just make the existing classes more interesting.


Let’s see:

  • (Maybe) Level cap increased to 70
  • Shadowlands goes to Chromie Time
  • 5 new zones, 4 leveling, one max level
  • 8 new dungeons
  • One new 10+ boss raid (first tier)
  • New systems (“The team has learned…”)
  • New M+ affixes!
  • New Arena season!

Basically, same garbage Legion formula yet again for a fourth time.


I’m a realist. There will be borrowed power systems whether we like it or not. They’re never EVER going back to the vanilla model of just having gear be our main progression path.

And frankly, I think that type of progression is boring AF. I’d much prefer it if the systems we had previously (like Artifact weapons) were evergreen but even when they’re temporary, I still prefer them over gear-only progression.


Can’t wait to see if the Flights become the new Covenants.


Wait a second…


Let’s be critical from day 1…Everyone at last Blizzcon was excited about Shadowlands Covenants talking about the one that was better for each their own fantasy.

We tried the Demo area with Kyrian power for our classes and it was fun but then PTR hit and they just mentioned how the Covenants powers were locked to your choise and we spent months fighting between player power and player fantasy and at this point is still kind of weird how this was managed….when we’re the Maw Walker that used every anima during our leveling process.

We need to check those small details and be critical about new systems.


August 2023, big oof.

I also think it is a hint that goes with the sun warmed furline. I think that dragon isles or wherever will have strong summer themes.


I think the august thing is implying that they will also be sharing more information about SL season 4, which will likely be around august.

I am expecting something along the lines of:

“Using the tools implemented in time walking M+ and SL season 4, Dragonflight will feature two M+ Rating systems, a Dragonflight dungeon pool rating and a global dungeon pool rating”

“Your KSM / valor upgrades will be tied to the Dragonflight Dungeon Pool rating, but they now you will have access to all time walking dungeons as M+ with plans to upgrade other dungeons to M+ too. These additional M+ dungeons offer cosmetic upgrades as well as powerful gear and also contribute to your weekly vault count (but their gear does not appear in your weekly vault pool).”

if there is one thing that they announce, out of anything, it is some type of endgame content (not raiding) that isn’t timed. I hate hate hate hate hate the timer in mythic plus, it is far too stressful, even if you time keys, that time is sitting there, looming, threatening. I miss the old days when you ran dungeons and didn’t have to worry about a timer. Sure, people tried to run dungeons quickly, but at least there wasn’t a damn timer everywhere. I want to play an MMORPG, not Time Attack: WoW Edition.


“World of Warcraft has ignited imaginations through rich storytelling and expansive worlds that prevail throughout the Shadowlands expansion.”

Whoever wrote this article is cooked.


Oh, my!

I am VERY excited!! :smiley:

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That’s uhhh… optimistic.