Watch Shadowlands: Story Trailer

Watch Shadowlands: Story Trailer

Enter the realm of the dead and confront the true threat to life on Azeroth and beyond.

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/10 char

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Is that Tyrande with Nathanos? PLEASE?

I personally loved the trailer :heart_eyes:

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Yes. Beat Nathanos to death!!!

Looks incredible! Can’t wait!

Pumped. I can’t wait

Jailer: MWAHAHA! Nothing escapes the Maw!

Player: Escapes the Maw

Jailer: :open_mouth:


I escaped the Maw!

now I am really hyped!! :slight_smile: Is it possible for a fresh level 50 to participate in pre-patch event and then immediately enter SL or need to grind some gears first?

The gear drops from rares and world bosses, so just tag the mob and you should be good.

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Cool thanks. you are right. Lots of people will be doing it so easy to tag along :slight_smile:

I didn’t realize how much I needed to laugh today. Thanks. Feels good! :laughing:

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