Watch out for the arcade guild

some guild claiming to have server transfered for the serv first chieve. claim to be 11/12 myth. i just dont like the thought of randos coming over like tht when the server seems to be having progress at a decent pace considering our pop. they seem to not have all there guys though cuz there recruiting. just a heads up <3

No, no - you got it wrong.

We made new toons on Greymane, and in two weeks from creation we got 9/12H bosses down (still got sunday to finish off heroic). And our main guild is not yet 11/12M - it’s 10/12M for now, hopefully it will change soon.

But you are right we are here to get #1 on server - if anyone is interested in raiding with people who know how to kill stuff - look for Arcade :smiley:

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There are no server firsts anymore anyway. If a bunch of middling raiders want to “flex” by being top on a dead server, more power to them. might actually breathe a little bit of life back into things until they get bored.

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