Watch out for sketchy people!

Hey ya’ll! Recruiting for your guild? Us too! But be on the lookout for anyone named “Johomi” or of that variety. He will pull stuff out of your GB and post them on the auction house. He has multiple toons spread across a few servers, we noticed him on Icecrown/Malygos first so be careful! :slight_smile:

Hey Shibae,
We had the same issues in our guild with Johomi and Brohomi. I just had sketchy low levels whispered me named: Pemis and Daddyslutt, and rage on me in the same fashion Johomi did when I called him out in trade chat about stealing from guild banks.

Just be aware of the people on Icecrown/Malygos like Shibae stated.

And for those who say it’s our fault for trusting: We allow(ed) new members to get things they need from the first two tabs in the gbank for mats to help up their professions or get a pet they don’t have. Our guild is very friendly and will help with any needs.