Wasted Art

There are a number of unused assets that could be added to improve player customization options. I understand that not all work done behind the scenes makes it into the game, but why waste these options:


Thank you for helping to boost the 15+ year battle for upright Forsaken.


When I saw those upright guards on the Banshee’s Wail in Zuldazar I thought upright Forsaken were a guarantee. Same deal when I saw the mechagnome heritage and Kul Tiran flight form color variants. Kimbul, I thought would surely be a “green fire” sort of quest chain to unlock. Baffling.

Not even just race models: garrison customizations, transmog opportunities, mounts (though we don’t need any more horse), etc…

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Heritage armor sets were never completed too. I feel like Bliz needs a small team that focuses exclusively on regularly implementing new customization options. It seems more like this stuff gets added only every couple patches, when the resources are available.

I suppose that’s why it’s so perplexing that the unused assets listed in the OP haven’t been added.

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I suspect it’s both a staffing issue as well as a financial management issue…

I’m still extremely salty that Kimbul’s model wasn’t put in as a rare tame like Loque V 2.0. They can’t use the Loa excuse either, because Loque shares a model with Har’koa.

Hunters who want to flex are mostly stuck using a variety of old models.

Worgen wolf like druid forms.
Worgen optional tails.
Worgen lore correct size.

Would be nice as well, Forsaken are in the same boat as us and should be given an optional stance just like male Worgen too.

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We will never stop fighting until Forsaken can stand tall and proud like the Orcs, I know your pain, I’ve been there.

These two recolors are incomplete in the torso area. It can use a little elbow grease yet it’s possible it won’t be finished even when the other missing variants for the other heritage sets are released.

I’m still hoping they’ll put in the red recolor of the nightborne heritage armor someday.
https : // www . reddit .com/r/wow/comments/c47qch/can_we_please_finally_get_this_color_variation/

And this double bladed sword.
https : // www . wowhead .com/item=187568/duskwatch-arcblade

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I’d love to support this cause but I want more customizations for Zalandari.

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Lol nahh they are too worried about giving humans 40 different mustache options or 30 different eye options for elves.

They aren’t doing anything unless it benefits the majority playerbase.

Zandalari need black, gray, and green reskins for their flight and travel forms too, but unlike KT, I don’t think the art was ever done for these. It shouldn’t really matter though… it’s not like recoloring existing textures is that resource intensive.

Reminds me of going into the special Insomniac Games room in Ratchet and Clank 3. They had a bunch of unused goodies you could play with.

I miss when games did that.

No, because they’re terrible. The green looks like they got the plague, gray looks sickly, black just looks off and really doesn’t go with the trolls at all. No matter what hair color you use for any skintone for the Zalandari you will always look terrible and need to see a doctor ASAP.

Heresy! The green looks amazing, especially with aquatic form… like a giant crocodile. Green raptor would look cool too. For some reason they went with boring blue for just the travel forms, and boring brown for KT flight form. Makes no sense.

They really need to add Kimbul though since a lot of players don’t even like ZT cat form.

More wasted options:


So, we’ve got LF draenei and nightborne heritage recolors that can be added to the list. Very strange that those were left out, seeing as Mag’har got recolors. Once again, another example of artwork being done for no reason.

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The list just keeps on growing… like cancer, but with color.