Was I mistaken in thinking Warbands would be cross server?

Question really says it all; but I opened a warband bank on a character I copied over who had some gold thinking it would be cross server, granted there are only three and they may be separate from each other to help contain contagious bad stuff.

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I would say, warbands are far from ready at the moment.

There will be a test starting tomorrow.

They are treating this the same way they do character to character mailing/trading. I can only assume you can have a Warband that contains players from linked servers. Imagine being on a high pop server like Area 52 and farming reagents on a low pop server to bank them in your Warband and sell them on the high pop. Not gonna happen imo.

Don’t know how this works in US, but on the EU-servers the reagents on the AH are regionwide, so the population doesn’t matter. Prices are the same for all realms.

Rare BOEs could be a thing, though.


I have characters that I copied from 2 different servers (not connected), and I can access the warbank on every character I’ve copied/made. They are different factions as well. Not sure why you’re having issues.

Hmm… Maybe it wasn’t working when I created the character that’s not able to access the warband bank, on It goes to eleven. Maybe got initialized as a blank warband bank; that means I have two distinct warbands?!? Probably should delete that toon and give it a second try.

I wouldn’t fret too much about warband issues right now. Probably be another build or two before they’re “ready for consumption.”

the characters that are on the eleven realm are not part of your account. only characters you copy from live will have access to the warbank.

You are correct, Warbands will be cross-server. Warbands are not yet fully implemented in the Beta at the moment, so your observation is a known issue.

oh thank god. With half my toons on Horde Illidan and half Alliance Sargeras, this makes me happy.

I certainly plan to be testing this, since I have a lot of characters on Live in an OCE server, and a rather fair handful on scattered NA servers.