Warsong Gulch Exit Portal Removal

This may be an unpopular opinion: The honor system is the root cause of all these exploiters constantly finding new ways to exploit things, just so they can grab any little advantage they can possibly get. I genuinely believe that doing a complete overhaul of the honor system will be much better for the game’s overall health. It’s a horribly designed system even for the standards of a game that was made in 2004. The way the honor system is designed does nothing but encourage degenerate gameplay.


So…we just need to request, right?


Yeah but that’s how it was back then, so people don’t want anything revamped. But I agree with you, the honor system is at the root of all the issues.


It’s baffling that we kept arguing that all these inauthentic little changes would become a slippery slope.

Well this post is a perfect example of slippery slope. And your example is now a possibility if enough people complain.



A coupls months ago - “I remember griefing people out of the portals in the BGs making them get deserter debuff.”

Other people - “WTF I don’t remember that being a thing there weren’t any portals”

Bliz Now - “Yeah these portals were a big mistake.”

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They just need to have honor only reward titles, if it gave you no increase in power, people wouldn’t be AFKing unless they really really only want the title.

Nope. Because it was extremely rare that it would happen in vanilla, yet quite common in classic.


All of these tweaks so far are to stop exploiting in PVP. Those are the types of tweaks that are necessary.

Though I would go farther and argue that we need an AV map change to help encourage alliance players to play…


Well I guess this puts to rest the debate as to whether or not Blizz considered this “working as intended” or “unfair play”.

I will be the first to admit I was wrong. I honestly thought Blizz would do nothing about this as it was part of Vanilla.

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How many games of WSG have you actually played?

I’m currently at 2,345 games of WSG since it came out. You wanna know how many times I’ve seen the horde attempt this? Twice.

Yeah what a rampant problem. :thinking:

If you actually managed to get MC out of WSG you deserved it because it takes an idiot not paying attention to not see it coming.


Since we’re making game breaking changes here… Why not do more? I mean really guys…

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Can’t believe changes are being made that weren’t in vanilla to suit care bears…sad…just sad


Are you against this change? Why the worthless sarcastic post?

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I’d say yes, but for a potentially different reason than some. It’s not against the spirit of vanilla GAMEPLAY, but it is centered on a difference in how game moderation is handled.

Blizzard does not want to handle thousands of tickets, set a clear policy, and action player accounts - if they can make a change to the game to prevent the thing they’d make a policy against. That was not a vanilla thing. It came much later.

So in that sense, this goes against the spirit of vanilla.

However, it’s important to note that this (players knowing the exploit of MC’ing another player out of the BG and using it) wasn’t a rampant problem in vanilla. So even before this non-vanilla change, we have players who go against the spirit of vanilla.

I don’t like the direction they’re taking of “too many complaints, too many tickets, solve with development of non-vanilla change”. But I’m not a ‘slippery slope’ doomsayer on this. I think our particular slope has a lot of friction strips and speed bumps that prevent something like this leading inexorably to changes that absolutely should not be considered.


Changes have been made since day one - like population size and instancing. Yet here you are. This is a good change, troll. Stop whining.


Good fix.

If you can’t distinguish between this fix (the ONLY effect of which is to prevent a very specific form of toxic greifing) and changes that affect class/race/faction/item balance, you have a very very smol brain.

Good fix.


Adding join as a party addressed which exploit?

This change has no effect on game play, other than preventing someone from griefing another player out of the battleground. There is no excuse for allowing that kind of behavior, and Blizzard fixed it to maintain the fairness of the battleground. I’m big on the #nochanges thing, but these fixes are fine and only improve the game as a whole, while still keeping things as close to Vanilla as possible. These are changes that would have gone into original Vanilla if the problems we’re having today would have happened back then with higher frequency.

Furthermore, it’s worth noting that doing this sort of thing back in Vanilla would result in a player getting banned. Blizzard is simply removing the ability for players to do something that would get them banned in the past, which is a good change overall. They spend less time working on tickets and issuing bans, and players that would have been negatively impacted by the griefing are no longer able to be griefed in that manner.


That’s fair, but I’d still just say that these are PVP changes so far. Blizzard is doing that because these types of changes are needed.

2020 player mentality is not the same as 2005 player mentality. The min-max, go for 100% advantage against the other side mentality is a large reason why Blizzard is making changes.

It’s sad to say, but vanilla needs guardrails to help protect classic players.