Warsong cleanses the soul of a dwarf

Mortignis wriggled his tongue, conjuring a full blown double barrel fel shotgun in his hands. He fired away at the alliance, but after the dust had settled he stopped to partake in saving a dwarve’s soul from the alliances blasphemous teachings. In the end, he wriggled his tongue, knowing that all was right with the world of Azeroth.


Sheeeeesh! Nothing left but a few grease fires! Well worth the time in the corner!

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Ah, the lake. A place known for many historic rituals.

((Great video, like always.))

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Gasp By the light…

You claim to have cleansed this Dwarf.


Y-You killed him…

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Warsong is still offering free soul cleanses to any and all who are willing to step forward and receive our blessings. Even the most blasphemous of you heathens are welcome to be bathed and cleansed.

Do not let the Alliance’s teachings lead you astray. Ever.

Often times the only way to really cleanse such a darkened soul is death. This was one of those times.