Warrior vs. Mage (Solo shuffle 2kish)

Does anyone have any tips on how to deal with mage roots and movement in solo shuffle right now? I play well into everything except devastation evokers and mages since they seem to have an unlimited amount of movement and roots. I’m not sure how to counter it

You pray an mm hunter is in the lobby to put the fear of God in the mage


Play gnome and get out of jail free every time


As a mage kiting monk is actually the second hardest. If you have a warrior with you it will be hard for the mage to deal both of your classes with your movement charges.

Anything else with you unfortunately the mage is gonna have more “get away” than you have “go to them”.

Monk/DK, Ret/Warr, Monk/Warr, can be good against mage depending on their partner and healer.

But the ultimate counter to mage is marksman hunter. Mages range is less than the marksman hunter so if you’re trying to do damage to anyone the hunter can hit you for 80% of your health bar with no cds and you’re not even in range to frostbolt them.

go gnome
play minute bladestorm
use intervene for mobility when you have actual damage and it won’t mean your partner dies


Real Chads play Highmountain Warrior and Stormbolt after Bull Rush DR


You just die

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i hate to say it but with how many roots are in the game imma have to go gnome :flushed: :dracthyr_nervous_animated: