Warrior TBC leveling - Fury or Arms?

I can’t seem to find a straight answer on this. Some people say Fury 2h is best, others say Fury dual-wield is best, some say Arms is best.


Arms is best for leveling.


Dont even bother leveling as arms. 2h Fury is way better for leveling. +3% chance to hit, -2% chance to be dodged. Slam is more damage per rage than MS or Bloodthirst and way better for rage dumping with 2 points in imp slam than HS. Flurry is just great. Imp Cleave + Sweeping Strikes + WW = Dead groups.
Yea with arms you’ll have bigger crits that cause bleed, and a 55-60% chance to crit with overpower but thats literally it. Everything else is passive and you are reliant on the game not screwing you with parries, misses, and dodges.

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Doesn’t Slam reset your swing timer though? Or did they change that in TBC?

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It does, but it doesn’t really matter if you’re timing your slams right. With 2 points in Imp Slam, the cast time is .5s. Slam as your AA hits the target and you’re adding .5s to your swing time and getting an extra hit. Or you can wait for 2 to 3 AAs to hit and MS once.

That does kinda seem to work…but having to closely watch my swing timer and time my button presses is obnoxious.



You can use something like this until you get the hang of it. It will help a lot as your swing time will vary with Flurry and Parrying.

Should also be noted that Slam’s damage is not attack speed normalized like instant attacks. Instant attacks for Warriors are all treated as if your weapon is 3.3 speed. Slam is not, so using slower weapons will benefit Slam greater.

In classic most preferred arms but fury has too many PVE advantages at this point. It’s going to become the main pick for leveling warriors. Personally I plan to level as protection. I’m on PVE so I need not worry about alliance in the field. I’ll excel at tanking all the dungeons then just respec arms at 70.

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arms is best imo for a fresh 60 if you got good gear going into tbc then go fury or prot for dungeon group spam. arms you only need 1 good weapon.

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can’t say which is “better” but I’m at least having fun with dw Fury. between bandages and gift of the naaru I’ve basically had no downtime between pulling mobs

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I’m currently leveling a warrior now as arms and having a blast. Back in the day, I tried leveling a warrior as fury, and didn’t enjoy it much at all.

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Here I am sitting in prot :rofl: . Arms would be better though hard hitting, less issues with hit rating. Fury is more fun though imo

Prot leveling with the TBC tree is definitely doable. Especially once you get to Shield Slam. SS with shield spec, 1h weapon spec, and the highest BV shield you can find can hit very hard. Imp Revenge is pretty great for leveling though it can hurt your rage gen sometimes. A good shield spike goes a long way. Once you get to devestate you can just rotate through SS, Devestate and revenge and plough through quests with little problem. I leveled my first warrior in tbc that way. Was a lot of fun. Also you can totally do prot pvp at 70. Gnomer Auto Blocker and stack shield block value.

I’ll already be 60. Just going to spec right into devastate and spam it until I reach 70.

I’d say 2h fury up to 39 and 2h arms at 40 and after with Mortal strike ofcourse.

I leveled in original TBC as DW devastate. Then again, I’m an idiot.

It’s not that bad though, and super brainless if you don’t want to worry about anything. You just literally spam devastate.

I have a swing timer. It’s just annoying to have to focus on it EVERY SINGLE MOB, as opposed to Arms or just regular 2H fury where you just hit abilities on CD. Playing this Slam spec, I spend 90% of the time just staring at my swing timer and carefully timing button presses. Kind of annoying to play.


Arms is more fun and you’ll stand a chance in PvP.

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Im all for all warriors going protection, we need as many dungeon tanks as we can get, as questing to start the patch is going to be hard, Bring on the tanks!

Switched over to dual-wield Fury and…yeah this seems to be the best so far. Shredding mobs with Sweeping Strikes and overall the damage just seems ridiculous.

…though that might have been because I bought two Bloodrazors and put Fiery on them lmao