Warrior Class Design

I have two things I’d like them to change with the Arms stuff. But I’ll only state one thing for now, Mastery I dont think I’m alone in this when I say I’m tired of Arms mastery being a bleed. I’d much prefer it go back to the extra swing or something. Or buffs ability dmg moves.


Yeah, 30-40% of your damage being passive is not fun in my opinion.

The general forums was where I saw this announced and they are all discussing the proposed class changes there.


Never played warrior untill 8.3 so i’m unfamiliar with the unpruning but fury looks fun. If anything, having a button called onslaught seems very cool

we need original Enraged regeneration back for Arms and fury


Slam on the current iteration of fury looks like clunk city.


exactly they should ONLY add utility spells back rotational abilities will only make things clunky


But the thing is, I think the’ll give these abilities back to the kit but via talent and soulbind building you kind of “prune your rotation yourself” depending on how you build

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Every spec getting execute, hamstring, IP and spell reflect is good, even as execute becomes less a warrior’s “thing” going forward. Much needed defensive options for the damage specs. Intervene is of course cool, might be some gimmick use in eating a tank debuff on bosses, assuming that wouldn’t get you instantly killed.

Arms keeps deep wounds mastery. Ugh. Can we not? Bleed focused arms feels Garbo. Not much else to say, nothing significant appears to be changing for arms.

And the fervor of battle cancer has now metastasized into fury. I personally wanted less ballerina spam, not more of it. Frothing berserker looks to still be a dead talent. Again not much of meat seems to be changing with fury, which is fine. The spec already plays the best it ever has.

Not much to say about prot, encouraging revenge use is good.

In general, can’t really make any judgements without seeing things in their full context.

I would assume that as fury gets slam it would also lose furious slash. Slam is a very strange choice for a cross-spec ability that’s meant to “unify class identity,” in any case. The upshot of having an ability is the implication that there’s some reason to use it. The goal of unpruning certainly shouldn’t be bar filler for its own sake.


Also, can we talk about piercing howl for arms right now?
I get having options is nice, but unless hamstring is off GCD again, what’s the point of running both? I’ve used it in the past to squash extremely low health things in arena matches before in MoP, but… outside that. Why? PH is just an overall “better” ability.


In ancient times , hamstring would last 10-15 seconds and PH lasted 6 seconds. That changed when PH became fury’s snare, but they will likely return to the old way with this.

How the heck did I forget. Thank you.


I am scratching my head as to why the mentioned the Dreadnaught changes for Arms. Seismic Wave isn’t very good. It’s in no way devastating. It’s a very light AOE damage boost.

I don’t see how this will make it competitive with Anger Management for a talent.


My bigger point of curiosity is the choice of slam and shield slam. Or whirlwind for prot, for that matter.

The stated goal is to give a more cohesive class feel between specs. Slam is the simplest, most basic “press button do damage” there is. Does it scream “warrior?” More importantly, what is the reason for fury and prot to use it? Would it replace furious slash for fury? What about prot?

Similar question for shield slam. It hasn’t had a purge effect in years, nor to my knowledge does it generate inherent bonus threat. Is the intent to give DPS warriors some semblance of “offtank” ability? Because that’s rather a dead purpose in a world with infinite on-demand spec swaps, and arms/fury lack prots inherent threat modifiers. Would it still generate rage to help offset a DPS warrior playing defensively?

And whirlwind for prot. What would it accomplish that thunderclap and revenge don’t? Will the functionality of those abilities be changed away from massive AOE? Would they assign a meat cleaver-ish effect where whirlwind enables AOE revenge? Bearing in mind that prot is already an incredibly spammy spec.

As I said before, the goal shouldn’t simply be to pad the action bars for its own sake, there should be a reason to use these skills. Most of the abilities suggested in this first iteration make sense, are historically a big part of warrior identity and continue to serve a mechanical purpose.

Alph invites are supposed to start going out this week, so maybe we’ll get some much-needed context for all of this soon.


to inflict the Mastery: Deep Wounds bleed.

already pissed


That’s just simple number tuning. The effect itself is fine, hell that was arms’ best azerite trait way back at the start of BFA until they nerfed the output.

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Will have to wait and see what the ability changes are but looking at it I can’t help but feel Prot is going to feel bloated with random attacks. Whirlwind and Slam?

All for adding more utility baseline as buttons your press when the situation calls for it but adding in very basic attacks into an already enjoyable play style seems strange to me.

Thunderclap and Revenge already cover AOE so why would Prot need a third ability that just does basic AOE damage?

Unless Slam has be reworked then I cannot understand why that would be added to Prot either.

On the upside Frost DKs finally got their 2H weapons back.


Was hoping fury would get colossus smash back.

It’s important to read the Shadowlands Class Philosophy at the top of the page, not just jump to the Warrior changes. They are putting back more baseline class abilities, yes, but that doesn’t mean they all going to be part of your core rotation. The way I parse things they’re saying that some of these will be very situational, some won’t be any good unless you take a Talent to buff them, and some are just there for flavor more than anything.

We won’t know the full picture until the Alpha proper opens up and people can go hit things.


Fair point, was just getting Into Prot and really enjoying it so far but can’t see where slam and WW will fit in. Maybe you will be correct and it will be more of a choice which abilities to buff with talents and use.