Warrior Charge Is Broken

I don’t know about feral charge, but if you charge (as a warrior) and turn off auto-attack before you hit the mob, the stun doesn’t aggro. So, you can charge something, and if it’s not KOS, it won’t aggro you if you never swing.

Regardless if this was in Vanilla, or not, it’s probably a bug.

Actually it does matter considering its “#nochanges”, if its not a game breaking bug, they won’t fix it.

Doesn’t charge start your auto attack?

So because something does not work to your liking, and by your logic: “it’s probably a bug”.

You walk out to your car and unlock the door. You open the door and put your key into the ignition switch. You try to turn the key to start the car but it doesn’t start. Regardless if your car started in 2005 or today, it’s probably a bug.

That’s what you sound like. And this is your logic? :man_facepalming:


I strongly suggest reading over the info in the links above. If this is a bug, which I highly doubt, then you will want to mention it in the bug report forum (not here).

I honestly thought this was a post about how charge seems to be aggroing things up to 15 yards behind the mob you charge if youre not at full distance, its like your hitbox goes PAST your character at times, its not always but it happens alot in UBRS ive noticed.

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It’s not a bug, but it not tagging a target seems silly. I’m assuming you’re having issues tagging stuff before others.

Those mobs may just have a larger aggro radius. .-. Who has been charging into mobs rather than range pulling?

More that you can stand on the edge and not pull them across the broken floor bridge part but if you charge you will, that seems off; Esentially;
Run 1: Range pull and stand under tent to keep casters in AOE range.
Run 2: charge into caster under tent and the other sides packs decide youre too close THIS TIME when you charged, but never when you simply walk into that area.

gosh thats no good

It doesn’t unless you macro it to, which any good warrior does.

This was actually a frequently used way to travel faster for warriors in vanilla. Use charge on neutral mobs and critters but immediately turn the auto-attack off after initiating.

Mob doesn’t die or aggro and you sprinted a distance.

No, it actually does start your auto attack. I just tried it in game right now.

Right if you stand still but for pulling in dungeons I’ve seen multiple times a tank charge to pull agro then run past them and not even agro the mob leaving a gap between dps and him. Maybe it’s a bug maybe it isn’t I’m leaning more toward not. It also requires specific scenarios like the tank being a high level compared to mobs so even if he charges in their face it won’t agro just from his very presence and an absent auto attack

Either way looks like I misread the original post, I thought he was saying it didn’t start auto attack but he said turn off auto.

It’s not broken nor a bug. It’s been that way since vanilla and isn’t changing.

I’m still trying to figure out what the OP is complaining about. This is how it be.