Warrior casual player

hello everyone i am starting a warrior its a toss up between arms and fury i play casually i just do questing and kill specials and lower dungeon’s and raids and the islands was wondering which spec would be better suited for what i do as i do play alone all the time …

thank you : )

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Both specs can do these equally well. Play whichever spec you find more enjoyable. If you enjoy more fast paced berserker style, go fury. If you enjoy a slower pace with big critical hits, go arms.

^^ is the correct answer.

Honorable mention to Prot Warriors - if you want to feel like you can never die, that’s an option too :slight_smile:

Yeah, no “anything gos as long as youhave fun” bs from me…

Play arms. Much better and decent paced without mass button mashing. Also you won’t need to farm 2 weapons and Die by the Sword is an awesome skill that’ll save your solo açç a lot.

Fury. Both are fine as the content you listed is pretty trivial difficulty, but fury is fast, fun, zero setup and your self sustain is awesome.

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Play them both and then you decide.

It seems more people enjoy Fury because it’s more action oriented. But I enjoy the pace and style of Arms, allowing some thoughts to use non-rotation skills while DPSing. Makes me get the Classic vibe in Retail, which is actually something I want more of.