Warrior burst needs a huge nerf

Didn’t you have to stand stance and dancing would cause you to lose some rage and intercept also cost rage? During a time rage was actually required to do good dmg.

Also, mentioning throwdown, wasn’t that a 45 second cd and required melee range?

However the biggest difference between now and then a lot more classes also had more gap openers than they did now

Not sure what you mean by ‘gap opener’. Combat charge came about in wrath and it was generally considered better to open by closing distance on mount with blood rage so you could save charge.

Yes, stance dancing and weapon swapping were a thing, and I miss them dearly. We’ve had a handful of streamlining quality of life adjustments that make things a bit more simple. But this has no occurred in isolation. It is not in any way exclusive to warrior or melee as a whole. Hunters lost their dead zone and literally every caster has significantly more tools than they previously had access to. Instant casts, interrupt immunities, standard shield wall style defensive cooldowns, more mobility, etc.

Like if you want to talk about mobility creep, you can’t just compare warrior now to warrior then. You have to look at every class now vs every class then. It’s insane to ignore that.

I think that for low rating RSS caster is a bad choice, melee doesn’t need as much coordination within a team in order to succeed.

The amount of communication that occurs in a lobby is directly proportional to the MMR, below 1200 MMR and almost no coordination is done in the lobby. Just rush out and attack the first thing, hope they die first mentality.

Between 1200 and 1399 some but not much coordination is done. Above that I’m not certain, but based on matches near 1400 I see people trying to coordinate. I suspect then that casters have a better time at higher rather than lower rating. Melee is quite fun at low MMR as no one tries to help their teammates and it’s just smash buttons until someone falls down.

I don’t think there is a problem with Warrior damage relative to other melee, I think maybe melee damage needs a general reduction on burst abilities (some caster abiliities to burst as well).

If 400k health is the average of a well geared player, except for combination of debuffs from multiple player sources 100K should be the upper range of any single big hit.

I don’t mind a speed limit as long as everyone has to obey it with me.

If charge is a gap closer then blink is a gap opener.

You’re the one who mentioned mobility from warrior in the past

Most casters have less not more than what they’ve had previously

Uh no. Maybe for you, not other warriors. I eat 150k ms’s and 100k spears A LOT.

Whelp, we shall see what happens now


Funny how all these Warriors were like “WERE FINE WERE FINE…YOURE ALL CRAZY”…Hmm wow would you look at that.

I’m honestly fine with them having good damage, I want them to have good dmg, just not fine with one ability front loading the dmg with 1 instant shot.

I was off on EP. Oh well glad Csmash is still the same. I suspect people will be complaining about MS damage still next week.

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That’s kind of neat, more close to what I said a bit ago. Nerf anyone’s spike/burst damage and bring up regular damage so the game is more about pressure, CC, and timing than out the gate blow all CDs and pray.

I like the matches that go down to the last breath, not these thirty seconds or less zugs we’re seeing.


However this particular is decent however like the windwalker buffs to their sustain was absolutely unneeded, I feel like they just took the burst off of strike of the windlord and thunder fist and then just baked it into fist of fury and Rising Sun still giving us oppressive levels of burst.

They need to revert those damage changes and buff their survivability so that they can just do the sustained damage that they already have/had

Ya, damage overall might still be a bit high even if all burst was normalized.

The low MMR fights I’m in, all the time, just melee racing at each other and whomever bursts higher wins.

Slam will do more damage, won’t know yet how effective this is since it doesn’t have the modifiers ms has, but it will drain our rage in 1-2 casts, which might put ignore pain availability in danger.

Overall less potential burst and maybe less survivability which will be interesting with the current state of things (warlocks buffed, rogues don’t seem to be getting many changes)

I think sharpen is pretty overrated :man_shrugging:

There’s actually a funny discrepancy between how sharpen blade and hemotoxin function.

When you sharpen blade, it completely overrides and removes the MS debuff. Sharpen blade is half the duration of MS. If you use mortal strike when the sharpen blade debuff is on the target, it does not apply the MS effect. So it’s not uncommon to have your debuff fall off for a while after sharpen blade expires.

When a rogue shivs hemotoxin, wound poison stays on the target but does not reduce healing until hemotoxin expires in 8 seconds, then it goes back to the normal healing reduction automatically.

It’s pretty minor. But it can definitely make the difference in some really close games, and it’s just kind of a slap in the face that they had the foresight to do this for assassination, but not for arms lol.

Yeah. What made me kind of sad is that Slaughterhouse couldn’t be played if there’s any other source of Grievous Wounds because of how it stacks and weaker ones just get removed.

There’s conservatively holding MS or hoping for a reset.

Yeah. Need to hold off on using MS for six seconds .

Yeah, lets nerf locks also. Locks/ele/sin rogues as well need nerfs… Don’t forget those.

the issue is that we spam MS as a main source of damage. If you sharpen blade, you’re going for a kill which means doing as much damage as possible. You kinda just have to use MS on cooldown and pray, otherwise you’re boned either way.

Maybe with these upcoming slam buffs it will go from doing 5k a hit to 6k and be our DPS powerhouse after we sharpen blade.
honk honk

slams gonna crit for like 80k before any damage reduction if you take all the talents that buff it lol and pop all your cooldowns