Warning: Disposable Heroes

It has been made very clear that this guild is giving BiS items to other raiders Off-spec, despite role assignments they dole out before every raid week - on the basis of DKP accumulation rather than taking people’s main spec into consideration. Several of the raiders, even core members of several years, have recently left the guild because of the cronyism that is actively occurring. They did a DKP squish recently to try and bridge the gap of disparity between senior and newer members, which resulted in the DKP of every raider being reduced by 80%, which also caused people to leave.

There are members of this guild, who aren’t officers, who have sway over decisions that should be made only by the guild leaders - resulting in chaos when loot distribution happens. The guild leader will dangle a carrot in front of you and make you chase it. You can have 100% raid attendance for months and months and still not be considered for BiS items over other members’ off spec despite being told that you are next in line for certain things and displaying tremendous patience.

Join them if your time, patience, and resources are all expendable.


Great Place, Highly Recommend 8/10
*not a bot review

I’m not seeing what’s wrong.

If I was a healer I’d join this guild because they obviously would allow me to get DPS gear so long as I had the DKP.

Imagine being a member with over 100% attendance on regular raids and world boss kills over several months. Your BiS item goes to a raider’s OS because they feel the need to justify their DKP instead of leveling an alt in another guild and actively getting gear.

Makes sense right? Wrong, it absolutely doesn’t.

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