Warn people of no RDF

Blizzard. Please be considerate and put in asterisks on all ads that wotlk classic will have no dungeon finder. Or at least when you deceive them into thinking they will have a classic experience, provide refunds of monthly subscription within the first 2 days of purchase.


If people don’t know by now that dungeon finder will not be included in WotLK Classic you can’t really say they have been “deceived.” In addition to Blizzards post outlining changes in WotLK these forums have been nothing but “REEEE NO RDF IN WOTLK!!!1!” threads. Anyone who purchases something or subscribes to something without doing their homework (a simple 5 second Google search for example), deserves what they get.


Why should customers do research when RDF was in wotlk before? Customers should not have to do research on a product when it is advertised that it will be what it originally was. It’s great that you’re observing the forums are getting lit with requests for RDF. It’s going to grow and grow as more people that love classic wotlk find out they got screwed.


Where else would you suggest that they list the information?
With a couple of clicks you can see it on the forum:

Or on the Blizzard website:

Or currently on the launcher for Classic/Burning Crusade Classic. I’m not trying to be rude but where else would you suggest?


As a consumer it is your responsibility to research anything you spend money on. You can’t blame anyone but yourself for your own ignorance.


Ok, say it with me now:

“This is not Wrath Of The Lich King. This is CLASSIC WRATH, where not everything is the same as before*”

The game will be fine without RDF, and only a bunch of zoomers will actually quit over it. Even a bunch of the people grousing about it on the forums will still end up playing.

And likely still complain about there not being RDF while playing.


We will have to see about how it pans out, but if you people don’t like it then don’t use it. Your disdain for it just compromises what others wanted from wotlk. Your reasoning to not have it is weak at best.


Server communities have flourished in Classic and TBC Classic and will continue to do so in WotLK Classic and beyond thanks to not having dungeon finder.

The ability to filter out toxic/bad players when forming a group for a raid/dungeon is what keeps dedicated players active and causes problematic players to quit or change their ways.

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People that played wotlk before and want to come back and play again have busy lives and cannot dedicate the time needed to do form groups in the way that the current system is. The LFG chat is spammed with boosters. It’s time consuming. I just want to log in and play like I used to be able to during wotlk. Leaving out LFD really cheats people out of being able to play the way that they want and the way that they used to do before. Again, if you don’t want to use it and play with all these toxic players then don’t use it?

I really don’t understand it. You can still form your raid and dungeon and do all your filtering without screwing over other people.

Having RDF doesn’t stop you from doing what you want to do, but it stops me from being able to run dungeons quickly and be on the computer playing a game for 30-45 minutes. It’s really selfish to take it away. I have to think about your motives more because your reasoning against LFD is so weak it just doesn’t make sense.

It’s like you want people to struggle and be excluded because they can’t sit around playing wow all day.


I would try not to make that sort of generalization because zoomers to me makes it generational but rather say some of us have a problem with inertia. I know I do with some things but that’s me personally not all Gen Xers. ymmv

I have groused about the removal of the tool but I likely won’t be impacted at all. I have a guild and even though I’m not actively raiding with them in TBCC, I leveled the characters I wanted for Wrath to 70 and pop in for dungeons and stuff. Plan to be back for Wrath and have the guild groups I need so very rarely would I anticipate needing to search for anyone to fill - with or without the dungeon finder.

That was not the case at times with the original release of the Wrath expansion (i’m aware that the dungeon finder was a part of the ICC content in patch 3.3.0) but my circumstances were different. So I have empathy for those that don’t want it absent from Wrath Classic in spite of feeling that it will have zero impact on me if it’s there or not. Why not make it available for those that feel it’s helpful to them?

I dunno. I’d probably just quietly leave the game if I didn’t have my guild. The server is okay. Players for the most part are not much worse than the first time I played through these releases so I’m not sure where all the complaints against increased bad behavior are coming from. Except for the bots and the much more wide spread RMT. But Blizz needs to crackdown harder on that. Like for real.

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wolk did not launch with RDF.


If this is directed to me then I’m well aware it was released with the ICC content in 3.3.0 so if the wording in my posts did not appear to acknowledge that I apologize for appearing to mislead.

Look. I would love to not be here making a big issue about this and just play on warmane private server, but blizzard sends letters to internet service providers saying that people need to uninstall the game! It was shocking that they didn’t include it especially since the most popular private server is patch 3.3.5 which has RDF.

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I completely would and I stand by it. This newer generation of gamers wants everything handed to them.

Sorry, but I stand with the developers and their decision to remove things that have been proven to be detrimental to the game. We have a decade worth of “research” proving it was more harmful than good. The game has suffered more from the ability to jump in and out of content willy-nilly with a bunch of random yahoos (I’m including LFR in this as well) than anything else they’ve done to the game.

I’m actually looking forward to an experience without that sort of randomness AND anyone that quits because of this removal is probably someone we didn’t want to play with anyway because they are more than likely the toxic sort we want to avoid.

Someone above you said, “it was in Wrath” without acknowledging it was in the last patch when the game was winding down and they were working on the next expansion already (and I would argue this was an early “Cata release QOL” system, meaning Cata is the “villain” once again).

Also, I recall it being in the 3.3.5 patch, which was after ICC was already beaten, so again, it was a “prelude to Cata” system.

No one forces you to play with anyone. You screw people though.


RDF forces you to play with people you don’t know.

It doesn’t “punish” you to not have it though, and not having it doesn’t “screw” you in any way.

You’ll live. Grow up.

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Uh they are stealing Blizzard’s intellectual property so Blizzard are within their rights to request to cease and desist when they do this

Stop the (allegedly) illegal activity and don’t take part in it.


Don’t use rdf if you don’t want to play with people you don’t know.

And yes it does punish and screw me because i don’t have time to pull together groups and when I played before RDF existed.


It’s there.

I’m sorry you’ve had bad experiences with the dungeon finder. I don’t share that but I’m not trying to invalidate what you’ve said. I just feel for good people that find the tool is helpful to them when life throws them curveballs and they just want to relax and game.

I hope this hasn’t seemed argumentative because that wasn’t my intent.


just because you’re wrong, there’s no need to insult others.

Grow up.

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