Warmode update & bringing back Battlegroups?

If I had to make one change to help Wpvp out it would be this.

I would start by making warmode ONLY 1 shard based upon specific battlegroups like we had back in the day in battlegrounds. Within that system I would want World Defense to return and everything ran off of 1 layer no layer hoping and no queue finder to hop to others. you’re confined to 1 battle group of connected servers.

That way as certain servers start to die you can merge battlegroups togeather etc the importance is making servers feel like home again. I dislike seeing other rando servers on my world in pvp. I like making rivals with MY SERVER so this way we can see who will be apart of our battlegroup and sink our feet into the sand and get use to new competition in wpvp a.k.a new rivalrys…

Surely this could be elaborated on, but that’s what I feel is the right direction other than reverting back to normal/pvp style servers again.