War/Mage LF mythic guild

Hey long time player here, my usual pattern is to complete about half the tier on mythic with whatever guild is fighting the roster boss. I’ve been doing this since ToS. Next tier I’m looking to try harder and commit for the entire tier to see what comes of it.

I’m looking to play dps War or Mage. Both are 450+
Filled at the start of Aberrus for my friends OCE guild at 5am and 200ping so mythic logs are garbage. Have older NA ones that are decent and heroic ones last tier that were pugged on NA.

  • Guild leadership is mature and doesn’t get off spam pinging the announcements channel letting everyone know how replaceable they are
  • Guild plays M+/outside of raid enough to where it doesn’t feel like a scheduled pug.
  • Raid ends by midnight central, any day.
  • Guild as the goal of progressing mythic until CE or the end of the tier

Raid Exp:

  • Shaman: 5/9m ToS, 8/11m AtBT, 4/9m BoDA
  • Boomkin: 6/8m EP, 5/10m CN
  • Mage: 5/10m SoD, 2/9m Aberrus
  • Lock: 4/11m AtBT, 3/10m SoD
  • Hunter: 10/12m Nya
  • Warrior: 4/10m SoD

Have AoTC’d most tiers since HFC. Speed has been anywhere from the first week of raid or a few on the very last.

Discord: Herbie#3090
Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

We raid tues/thurs 7-10 pm pst.

Currently 9/9 n, 1/9 h. shooting for mythic ce or mythic till end of tier.

Aotc in like every raid since vanilla before aotc was a thing. guild been around since 2006