Warlocks are getting ripped off compared to Hunters

Well, Hunters don’t have a variety, BM hunters have a broader range. So would you settle for exclusively demonology to have access to “other demons”?

Why not let locks tame demons like hunters tame animals? :V

Demon families for tanking, DPS, utility, etc.


…and why not let Shamans tame elementals… I dunno /shrug

All hunters can tame hundreds of different models, each with various recolors.

BM is the only one that can tame certain families, which I explain in my thread would be parallel only Demonology taming Elite Demons (eg bosses)


Eh… they’re all very similar and to be quite honest I’d rather not run a pet at all. I wish they would make pathing of hunter pets similar to Warlocks… I frankly don’t care if you get them or not… They’re really no designed well and have 0 usefulness 90% of the time as a hunter…

We are pet classes so we will always run with a pet. And you are absolutely wrong that the models are all similar given there are literally 76 “umbrella families” over HUNDREDS of subfamilies.

Pretty sure they have the same pathing given blizz streamlined both our pets a few xpacs ago


They’re just a dps source with an ability or two and that’s fine we just want diversity!

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Personally I think our pet system feels very dated. I don’t know why we can’t just have an extra transmog tab for minions.

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They should make a tab for all classes with this type of customisation, hunters, locks, dks, druids, shamans…

I mean druids and shamans aren’t pet classes

I said because forms, totens… but yeah, could be only for pets.

Hmmmm. I suppose maybe some new totem options could be fine for shammies.

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and spirit wolf, lord knows I would’ve killed for a zandalari raptor model for my zandalari shaman’s spirit wolf form

Blizzard should be embarrassed to call us a pet class cause we cant choose any of our pets D:


I was hoping they would change it in shadowlands, but they didn’t change any talent that affects the felguard and even gave a conduit that only affects him -_-

I read the changes and honestly I had a WTF moment… the one talent everyone hated ritual of doom is coming back… I actually wanted to delete my lock cause we just got stabbed in the back again.

I honestly think all the developers and yes I am talking to you at Blizzard have NO clue what the class needs or desires your living in a fantasy land inside a fantasy land . you remind me of the Meme of the dog sitting in the fire going this is good.


You’re a Felguardologist and you’ll LIKE IT

We literally had this version of Ritual of Doom for SIX (6) years, whereas we had the cooldown or Talent Permanent version of Doomguard for EIGHT (8) years


the special felguard (was it felguard? cant remember) that you have to sacrifice someone to get is coming back i think.

thats flavor for you :wink:

Doomguard, and again:


c’mon WowDevs. give warlock love we deserved


I want to add that its ridiculous how the glyph for the succubus changes the demon’s name.

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