Warlocks are getting ripped off compared to Hunters

You’re right. I definitely want an Elekk named MyGF.

See? Much funnier.

Wouldn’t simply being able to tame demons (maybe add undead in as well for that necro feel and some variety) be the simple fix? Taming is already in game. Demons are already in game.

No need to reinvent the wheel. Just let warlocks tame class appropriate mobs and the community will rejoice


Eh I’m not okay with that tbh. Names for demons are very commonly used in a certain way. Names have power to them. Which is why in stories if you know a demons name, they’re kinda stuck listening to you since you can summon them or expel them.

Agreed. Besides, you cannot tame demons you command their obedience, basically you are forcing them to slaves.


sigh forever


Yup, we are the second or third least played class


As I explain above, lorewise we are able to go out and enslave anything, it’s just not mechanically there.

Also Felhunter is a demon dog. He’s animalistic, and presumably an animal from a Legion world turned into a demon that they kept reproducing. If we did the tame/enslave mechanism, one of the slots would be demonic animals/bestial demons.

I don’t know if I agree. On one hand, they do get a lot more choice when it comes to pets, but on the other hand, that’s one of the few things left that make them stand out. It seems like you’re asking for more homogenization.

Feel free to scroll through posts 1 through 250ish/300ish so you can read arguments as to why you are wrong

Nice alt :slight_smile:


Hi your writeup thread is brilliant

That’s growth and i’m so proud of you.


The variety is an illusion, it’s a spirit beast or ray/bat right now. Getting tranq shot back will free up variety you can pull out; but, anything really cool is exclusive to BM and quite honestly, it’s 2020, and not a lot of mind blowing or spectacular choices IMO.

/facepalm Is this really what you’re concerned about in the expansion? I mean, enslave demon, right?

an illusion we’re lacking though, and we would appreciate and have fun with

#WarlockStables :smiley:

Having a fun, personalizable dimension for classes, and pet classes in particular, is fun and engaging yes

Warlock got all the mechanical changes we’re getting early in alpha, with some iterating done a few months ago

They just added ritual of doom, which the majority of the WARLOCK community thinks is dumb as hell. If they’re looking to add flavor and fun, give us Warlock Stables, or at least let us speak demonic again.


Well, Hunters don’t have a variety, BM hunters have a broader range. So would you settle for exclusively demonology to have access to “other demons”?

Why not let locks tame demons like hunters tame animals? :V

Demon families for tanking, DPS, utility, etc.


…and why not let Shamans tame elementals… I dunno /shrug

All hunters can tame hundreds of different models, each with various recolors.

BM is the only one that can tame certain families, which I explain in my thread would be parallel only Demonology taming Elite Demons (eg bosses)


Eh… they’re all very similar and to be quite honest I’d rather not run a pet at all. I wish they would make pathing of hunter pets similar to Warlocks… I frankly don’t care if you get them or not… They’re really no designed well and have 0 usefulness 90% of the time as a hunter…

We are pet classes so we will always run with a pet. And you are absolutely wrong that the models are all similar given there are literally 76 “umbrella families” over HUNDREDS of subfamilies.

Pretty sure they have the same pathing given blizz streamlined both our pets a few xpacs ago


They’re just a dps source with an ability or two and that’s fine we just want diversity!

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Personally I think our pet system feels very dated. I don’t know why we can’t just have an extra transmog tab for minions.

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They should make a tab for all classes with this type of customisation, hunters, locks, dks, druids, shamans…