Warlocks are getting ripped off compared to Hunters

~accepts soulstone~

So what demons would everyone pick?

So if I were to be realistic about my choices, I would love a Shivara, Jailer and inquisitor. If I could make my Felguard into a fel lord, that would be amazing but idk if that would be feasible. Oh, and the Doomguard and Infernal back. Hell, and Abyssal.

But my dream demons would be a Fel Lord, Dreadlord, and Pitlord (so I guess all the Lords)


I feel like Inquisitors could be a possible Imp replacement. jailers possibly for the Felpup.

Maybe those fat succubi for voidwalkers. I’d imagine a pit lord could be a possible replacement for the Infernal we can summon on cooldown. They’re pretty chonky boys so I’d imagine they’d be special but doable.

Oh. Another imp could possibly be those little demon dudes with the backpacks. The little red ones


Shivarra got a lot of variations in legion, the council in Argus is awesome and doomguard and infernal really should comeback. I want all lords too, but my favorite is Bilescourge, it could be a nice option instead of imp. Imp mother is another cool option, but i don’t know if could work.

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Warlocks have always gotten ripped off

You guys should have been used to it by now.

Full list of demons for everyone’s consideration :smiley:

So you’d do:

Inquisitor Imp
Voidwalker Jailer
Succubus Shivara
Felguard Fel Lord

what about felpuppy?

Too rational for felpup no? I always imagine that “slot” to be for animalistic demons.


why not?!

Never :V

Eh I like the idea of them soaking up magic in their cages


About Jailer, always imagine him as succubus replace, instead of charm he would put people in the cage xD

Completely forgot about wyrmtongues, Calydus is awesome and another good option for imps

I’ve mained a Warlock since vanilla (don’t care if you didn’t ask), and I find it ridiculous that people want them to be just like hunters.

If you want to play a hunter, play a hunter. The classes are different on purpose, and it’s been years of homogenization making them feel all the same.

Warlocks complaining about Hunters getting pets to tame, is like hunters complaining they can’t breathe underwater and soulstone themselves.

There are benefits to each class, and one of a hunter’s is pets to choose from.

Warlocks have not been “ripped off” they’ve been pretty much top of the game since the practically beginning.

Ooh lala!


I always put Jailer in Voidwalker slot mentally since they’re like, “big” you know? Bulky.

Having two separate systems for pet customization isn’t homogenization. Homogenization is if warlocks were given only three demons, one for CC/dispell/mobility, one for Tanking, and one for DPS.

No because both Warlocks and Hunters are pet classes.

That’s not a benefit that’s just customization lmao

Categorically and historically false, plus a lot of our class fantasy has been taken away for Shadow Priest, Fire Mage, and Demon Hunter over the years.

Post on your warlock, by all means


having some variety in demons is not “just like a hunter”


Let’s do a demon spider or dark hound for the fel pup

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What does green fire have to do with # of minions?

Man there’s so many good looking demons it’s difficult to commit lol. Fel lord to replace felguard for sure though. Nathrezim to replace tyrant?

You tame a pit lord in that quest so I’d imagine that’s why they’re bringing it up


I’m happy for hunters and one of my alts is a hunter that will chase all these new options. We are only asking for more cosmetic options, the last demon customisation we got was in 2012 in Pandaria =/

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ah, touche’. Very valid point.

Make sense, it’s a vampire demon that matches with demonic consumption draining life of demons


I’d personally do:

  • Imp = Inquisitor
  • Felguard = Fel Lord
  • Felpuppy = Ur’zul
  • Succubus = Aranasi
  • Voidwalker = one of the tentacle faceless
  • Demon Tyrant = one of the armored Eredar? or one of the unnamed Nathrezim.
  • Infernal = Mo’arg Brute
  • Darkglare = Doomguard maybe

No it’s because it’s an example of something people asked for that others felt was either “unnecessary” or “lore breaking” or “not a priority/there are other things to worry about”

But everyone has Green Fire nowadays, even some warlocks I knew even back in the day that were vehemently AGAINST Green Fire being implemented. Walking around casting green fire, having fun.

It’s this notion that what we have is sufficient that’s dumb as hell, how dare we ask for more lmao

It’s a game, “sufficient” when it comes to fun is weird verging on the absurd

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okay, after seeing the list of demons and their possibilities, consider me signed on for this one. upvote time - give us more demons blizz