Warlocks and Death knights New Taming Ability

Well, you confused me when you mentioned “specs” and “magical doggie crates.” Battle pets get put into crates and pets don’t have specs anymore. So I don’t understand how either relates to my post.

I am. I enjoy going out into the world and farming a pet for hours if I have to.

It’s an absolutely solid idea.

Good idea , but that would take resources . And all Blizz resources , which all go to the CEO and mobile game development . The seven man wow team is loaded with work for the now yearly patch 9.1

I disagree.

This is a unique capability for Hunters. Who hunt and stalk their pets and tame them.

Warlock and DK pets are “designed” pets. The while Demonology experience with pets, the Tyrant, the imps, and the deathstalkers – that’s unreasonable to be able to try and train that up.

I’m perfectly content with my non-stylish, all the same Warlock pets. Adding in a new pet dynamic would just be a lot of effort for little game, both in bottom line stats and numbers, and just overall play value.

If I want a menagerie of pets, I’ll pets from the wild, I’ll roll a hunter. Lets hunters be hunters.

I’m happy you enjoy collecting hunter pets. That’s just not me.

That’s why I put it in quotes since each pet family’s ‘spec’ is fixed and not changeable. (Tenacity, Ferocity, Cunning). Again, for my hunter his pets are cherished friends, not things to collect and store in magical doggy crates at the stable master. That is why I would like to be able to select which ‘spec’ each pet has.