Warlocks and Death knights New Taming Ability

Or not and hunters can keep their unique abilities, while DKs and locks can keep the flavor of how they acquire their pets.

Warlocks don’t really tame their demons, and death knights don’t really tame undead. They create a contract with them. It would be nice if Blizzard gave warlocks a few new demons to bind/summon. But it shouldn’t be a free for all for all demons. A death knights necromantic powers aren’t as robust as a true necromancer would be.

I’m going to be the odd man out here and say that I am not interested in demon management being turned into some side game. The fact that Warlock is also a pet class but without the excessive pet management of a Hunter (as per the KISS Principle) was one reason why I switched from the latter to the former as my main.

As for just ignoring the feature if it was added, Blizzard would likely twist Warlocks’ arms into using it to justify the development costs and somehow screw up our existing demon set. They better not lay a finger on my faithful Voidwalker who has been at my side for years now. (I even keep him out when I’m fishing.)


This would be really cool. Just make it cosmetic and for fun/lore. Add some cool quests and stuff for different demons. Would be great.

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Dont forget hunter pets have specs as well with their own talent trees and unique sets of abilities. Though some are the same as others, it still matters that Hunters can have a variety of pets while DK and Warlock only get their select few when they can obtain pets in the same manner. Id love for this to be implemented

Why? What is actually gained by not just giving it to the classes in question?

Been asking this for most of the past year:

Nah all warlocks are pet-dependent

Wouldn’t be, we’d get out five default pets as default, with the “tame system” only being to change models. Demons don’t eat or anything, no “specs” for warlock pets, no “talents” for warlock pets.

Pets haven’t had talent trees in quite some time. And while there are 3 different major groups (tenacity, ferocity, cunning), I wouldn’t really call them specs anymore since you don’t get to choose them. There are also really no more unique abilities. A pet gets a couple of group abilities and a couple of family abilities. Some pets, especially exotic ones, may get an additional family ability.

Still there’s a degree of choice for the pet families. Rezes, stealth, stuff like that. Pet utility is small and homogenized but still okay.

Specs is less of a fun choice, tenacity is rarely that great (I’m still miffed some of my fave pets got moved to tenacity though so I’m biased) because ferocity is op

Yeah. I wish they would let us choose spec. Then you just need a favorite pet based on each special ability.

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Hmm,then Arcane and Fire mages can too. Might as well have all classes and spec have them too. Yet, it would cause more problems than it’s wealth.

Both Warlocks and Death Knights can enslave wild minions. I don’t think it’s a stretch to let them keep what they caught.

Well I do agree on dk’s.

Sounds like something that could be a glyph if it’s purely cosmetic.

Well, giving Warlocks and DKs a “stable” would encourage them to go out into the world and explore.

On my Hunters I love hunt. It’s fun. To me a glyph would be a boring cop-out.

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Aren’t hunters getting more room in their stables?

We already did. At 200 now.

Wow,that’s alot of pets ! :eyes:
Dk’s and warlocks should have that too.Only problem i see is 5 dk’s and their armies .

Year ten of seeing this post on the forum and waiting for Blizz to pull the trigger and do it… I’m tired of using the blueberry and felguard.

I don’t play warlocks or dks, however as someone who is 100% for more customization for everything I’m behind this movement 150%

This is a great idea and blizzard should do this as soon as they can!

Thinking about this yeah,my warlock could use a different pet ,if this happens any suggestions on some pets?