Warlock "pet" class

Yes, another thread about more warlock pets because I find it funny that the whole lore behind warlocks is generally plotting, scheming, and enslaving but yet we can’t even enslave our own demons in the actual game. This is a huge part of the warlock class lore and playstyle that is just missing from the game completely. Not being able to go out and enslave different demons to do our bidding is like demon hunters not being able to use metamophis. Its to big of a part of the class to not have in the game.

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Yeh, I wish we could tame demons like hunter can tame pets, I don’t like being told what pet to use every expansion.

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plz bump the thread friends so maybe they’ll axe that abomination of Ritual of Doom and add warlock stables


I don’t know, I’ve been crying pretty hard but I’m just one person. I definitely wasn’t the one who asked for it.


I agree, we’ve basically been asking this for 15/16 years, but as Baal mentioned, post your concerns in the threads we have, bump them so they get seen and show your love and support :+1:t4:

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You as one person can bump threads :stuck_out_tongue:

The more its kept up the more people see it the more support we get

Demon’s such as:

Antaen - -wow.gamepedia.com/Antaen

Terrorguard - (my fave) -wow.gamepedia.com/Terrorguard

Nathrezim or Dreadlord --wow.gamepedia.com/Nathrezim

Annihilan or Pitlord - -wow.gamepedia.com/Annihilan

Void hound - -wow.gamepedia.com/Void_hound

Aranasi (Arachnid Demons) --wow.gamepedia.com/Aranasi

Felbat, gargoyle like demon - -wow.gamepedia.com/Felbat

Inquisitor - -wow.gamepedia.com/Inquisitor

Overfiend - -wow.gamepedia.com/Overfiend

Wyrmtongue - -wow.gamepedia.com/Wyrmtongue

Satyrs! don’t forget them - -wow.gamepedia.com/Satyr

Fel lord, are a type of large and powerful mo’arg -wow.gamepedia.com/Fel_lord

Abyssals - are demonic constructs similar to infernals but made from rougher, more jagged material. -wow.gamepedia.com/Abyssal

Darkhounds - -wow.gamepedia.com/Darkhound

There are more then enough demons that can be used, more than just the handful we have been using.


Warlock “stables” would be an awesome addition to the game. It also makes sense in an expansion that is adding so many more customization features to the character creation feature

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I LOVE this idea. I seriously hope Blizzard takes notice of this.

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To be frank, I know how much time I spend (?waste) on my hunter looking for that ‘perfect’ pet. Kinda happy I can just pick the right pet for the job and get on with it. Maybe a few more glyphs would be nice though.

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If we don’t get a minion system soon enough hunters will steal Void Terrors from us.

I wouldn’t mind them revamping our demons. For example:

Imp: Weak range ST/ Decent range AOE. Imp has its firebolt, but also has a weak Rain of Fire like spell for aoe.

Voidwalker: Eh mostly the same, just maybe tankier.

Succubus: Powerful ST melee attack with better attacks. Maybe a whip Bleed dot?

Felhunter: Basic Utility Pet. (Not sure what else to give it)

Felguard: Powerful AOE melee attacker.