Warlock Minion Stable

Agreed. Especially since there actually fewer options now than in the past. Flash back to Legion and my affliction lock was running around with a permanent infernal. Where’s that now? Not even available as a voidwalker glyph, just gone.

(And while we’re at it, make Call Felhunter baseline. It’s insane that 15 years later we’re still locked into a specific pet for interrupts.)


Call felhunter baseline, and pit lords for demo plz

As long as the water elemental you want is just a slightly different shade of blue from the default water elemental.

If you want the Draenor or Pandaria Elementals you’re out of luck.

Why not? there so much the company could do with pets.

I play destruction I want a fel based void minion which would fit the theme better than the standard blueberry. I mean my Priest has a Holy Void

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It really feels like after legion my warlock just lost a bunch of stuff. I wondered why and I to miss having a permanent infernal for a pet. More demons to choose from would be amazing though pit lord would be top on my list.


No are you kidding me.

Just let us have a stable system where we go out and Enslave Demons, they get assigned a name and we have to keep re-enslaving if we don’t like the name to keep with the lore. We can have a floating fel book next to each warlock trainer and in dreadscar rift. Maybe have all the demons we enslave be wandering NPCs in Dreadscar Rift too.

I made a WHOLE scheme in my shadowlands alpha thread:


Yeah, this


If nothing else, at least make it so we can use any of the demon we want in Demonology, you know, the spec where we’re good at demoning. Being stuck with one choice in demo is so lame.


A lot of that has to do with the writers retconning demons and the void. Originally Fel and Void were one and the same. The split is relatively recent. Only in the past few years have voidwalkers started feeling weirdly out of place for warlocks.

I agree with your comment but we know there are Fel void minions and those should be given to destruction warlocks to use instead of the standard void. I always felt he looked so out of place on a destruction lock.

Yeah they pretty much entirely undid everything the warlock revamp did after he was fired.

If you believe that’s a coincidence I have a bridge to sell you.

Well to start with you need to know that warlocks were kind of hot garbage in Cata and the least played class. By dragon soul if they didn’t have a legendary staff they were basically worthless. Albeit all casters were balanced around having it since melee/hunters were buffed to be competitive with casters who had it and rogues had daggers, but none were provably more impacted by not having one than warlocks.

So, to say the least, hurting and needed on an overhaul and for MoP the dev that played a large role in the warlock class was known as Xelnath.

Unfortunately at some point (late MoP or early WoD?) he lost his cool over some warlock changes and tweeted out some stuff under wraps that he shouldn’t have so Blizzard terminated him for it and the warlock revamp we had gotten largely got dismantled soon thereafter despite the class largely being very well received for it.

Much coincidence, many wow.


I was hoping they would use SL to remove the darkglare summons and return the doomguard to affliction. The darkglare is such a boring demon to summon.

While being able to create contracts with additional demons would be nice, do they make these demons unique or do they just make them different skins for the three roles?

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That too. Darkglare is so freaking boring. A big CD is something I should look forward to using. I should be thinking “sweet, demon time!” whenever I press the button. Instead I feel absolutely nothing and barely even remember it.

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Well don’t feel bad Destruction is just as bland and I am not ashamed to admit it.
basically 4 button smash job now the whole class feels like a glorified burnt fire mage.

Make Warlocks Great Again.

I have wanted something like this for years. We really need more variety. I love Baalsamael’s proposal earlier in this thread. As Demo,I’m pretty much stuck with my Felguard for the DPS.


Yeah… it’s hard to feel like a master of demons when the best you can pull out is a Felguard with some imps… we need more variety imo. Maybe upgrade the FG to a Fel Lord, or let us choose between that and a pit lord, inquisitor, etc.

Agreed. I wish they would take the tame system to locks even if it’s just cosmetic. Let us use “enslave demon” and get some more awesome cosmetic skins. I wish it could encompass demons and undead models but I’m bias towards the Necro theme(works with affliction pretty well imo). I’d spend so many hours hunting rare demons/undead models like BM hunters can. Would really hit the class fantasy for me.

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Asking for an entirely custom system is pretty unlikely to happen

Especially now when Blizzard is focused on classes and covenants

And I really doubt they’re going to make new demons with new abilities to balance. That just seems like a new headache to take on for no reason, when all most players want is new looks for their demons

He was the number one advocate for Warlocks, but had a problem about complaining publicly about the development team.

I would like a gear system for Warlock minions. The minion looks have changed over time.