Warlock Main

Hey guys I am thinking of making my lock my main for SL. It’s never been a main of mine but I want to strictly play one range class for SL. To those of you who do main warlock why do you and what keeps you with this class?

Because it’s super broken and easy to play.

the pewpews are sufficiently devastating

  1. Fantasy

Among the classes we are the only “original class” that is firmly 100% antiheroes. Warlocks are either former shaman, former mages, and perhaps even former priests. We engage with fel/Chaos, void/Shadow, and necromancy/Death.

  1. Playstyle

I have various alts nowdays after 10 years of this game, and Warlock is the only class where I feel paying attention and putting more effort into my rotation results in more DPS. There’s more skill involved.

  1. The prospect of what warlocks could be

Figure once they’re done with race customization they’ll evaluate class customization, and I want Warlock Stables haha


Was my 2nd ever char leveled behind hunter. Both are main interchangeable. Hunter or Warlock. But I do like pet classes and Warlocks are what gave me fits on vanilla so I decided to roll one!

Most important for me would be the tankiness. With a large health pool (compared to other clothies), free cookies, pet & defensives… I’ve never felt the need to kite anything.

Also the availability of 3 distinct classes. Can always switch when bored, & one of them is always doing well.

A little selfish reason, but I raid exclusively with pugs, so much easier to get invited to groups as every pug needs a lock!

The cons… The cast times are an issue. I don’t kite because I pretty much can’t as destro. Can’t move and do damage. Also, community perception has been a major problem in bfa. No takers for locks in m+. Can say that’s fair in low keys but in anything >10 locks do very well. Hopefully that’ll change in SL.

It’s broken at quite a high level with maxed corruptions & gear. And at that level it is definitely not easy to play. Four years and I’m still learning and modifying my rotation. Fun when it all comes together though.

Very good responses guys. I’m definitely considering going lock main now for sure!

Playing a lock is exciting. You get a redesign and have to relearn how to play your spec at least once an expansion, sometimes even in a patch. You swing from wildly terrible to wildly overpowered so you never quite know what’s around the corner.