Warlock, Mage Or Spriest?

I played a priest in vanilla. I healed in MC and BWL then went shadow. They are gods in WPvP and have a fun role in raids. One thing to note though is that spriests will rarely, if ever, top the damage meters.

playing an unusual spec isnt a crime,


But the way you play should be :sunglasses:

No one cares about private server numbers.

No shadow priests ever topped dps meters in vanilla. They do the same dps as ret paladins…


If you want to PvP go Mage

Sadly a lot of that won’t be possible in Classic with melee leeway. You’ll get hit a mile away.

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alot of people saying lock, when lock was the least played class during vanilla for several reasons.

I feel like alot of people are gonna roll a lock and are gonna get something they werent expecting.

different class back then

Stop spreading misinformation. Melee leeway is working as intended:

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No, it’s not. I played a mage in Vanilla. I did aoe farming. My internet connection was decent for the time at 5mbps. My latency was good. And what I’m seeing in Classic Beta videos is not authentic Vanilla. I love the Classic devs, but that doesn’t mean they can’t make a mistake.

This did not happen in Vanilla. Npcs didn’t hit you from 15-20 yards away.


Does your example screenshot happen consistently? Can you consistently replicate that?

I’m not going to debate this. There’s a hundred examples from the Beta if you want to go look. But in a way I’m glad. It helped me make my choice between mage and warlock. I just want prospective players to be aware.


Actually, from this video your screenshot looks like the correct range. You’re strafing away as the mob hits you, the damage numbers stay on the portrait frame long enough to get that distance.

Of course not, I just linked a video proving you wrong. Listen to the Classic devs’ words; the melee leeway is correct in both PvE and PvP.

It’s really ironic that I’m having to defend authenticity against someone who claimed to want an authentic experience, because they don’t like some of that authenticity.

Casters in vanilla: Do you want to create food and portals, or farm shards and summon? Are you willing to aim for the single raid spot as a shadow priest? Do you like having a pet? Are you okay with spamming a single button in raids? Do you like wearing a dress? These are the questions to ask yourself :stuck_out_tongue:

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Alot of people like to claim that as a shadow priest no one will take you for anything. I played from day 1 as a shadow priest and i never had any trouble finding a dps role in a 5man dungeon, and even raided on an off and on basis. I have never had as much fun in wow than when i was playing my shadow priest. Play what you are drawn to and poopoo on the naysayers.

Well I raided with 3 guilds throughout Vanilla every single week. MC - most of Naxx. Was just 1 shadow priest per raid, despite what you’re saying. The 16 debuff slot limit is reason why–no room for all the dots. 1 is basically required for every raid to debuff for the locks, and you can probably get away with a few more…but I’ve never seen it (with the exception of Razuvious in Naxx). Dungeons/PvP shadow priest is great.

Faces will be melted baby ! S-priest all the way !!

Shadow priest is the ultimate 1v1 class in PvP, braindead easy to play as well.

It’s a meme spec for open world PvP for a reason. Because it’s the god spec of world PvP.

Lol, I tried to make a similar claim, and everyone said I was lying.

But its true. I healed as an spriest, until one day we were short dps. I topped the meter.

People don’t believe it because they haven’t seen it, and all the sheep claim it can’t be true.

Spriests slam dps. Its all they do.