Warlock Looking for new guild, wanting to push harder content currently 3/9 M 9/9 Heroic

hey all! im looking for a new place to call home, been with the current guild for 3 years but wanting to find something new, raid hours are decently open towards the evenings!

Hey buddy, I seen you were looking for a raid team, Distant Shores on Zul’jin raids fri/sat 830-1130 pm est, we’re currently 6/9m and are currently working on smolderon, if you’re interested my btag is ac1dburn#1220 or ironkuting on discord, have a great day!

Hey there. Are you still looking for a raid team? Late Night Pain Train has been around since BC always looking for new members to keep our raid team going. We are currently 6/9 mythic working on smolderon to finish out the tier, and would love to add another warlock to the group. We raid Tues, Weds, Thurs from 10pm-Midnight eastern. If you’re still looking add me on bnet and we’ll talk. Russty#11674
Look forward to hearing from you.