Warlock Demon Stable, Yes Please

Allow Warlocks to capture Demons, stable them, and choose which one to carry to fulfill each role.

For example:

A Voidwraith could be captured and summoned in place of the Voidwalker.

That would add alot of flavor to the class with no change in mechanics or tuning.


Bump this thread then in GD

#WarlockStables for Demons/Aberrations, you know you want to


I like this idea, especially if we can rename said demons

Everyone talks about how absurd the job of a barber has gotten, but poor stable masters are really the ones hit the hardest. I don’t think they signed up take care of a cloud serpent made out of literal stars, much less Pit Lords or Eredar.

That being said, Blizzard only really cares about megathreads, so bumping Baal’s GD thread whenever the whim strikes is probably the best option.