Warlock conflagrate bug

The spell ‘conflagrate’ according to the tooltip should calculate its damage based on the damage of the warlocks ‘immolate’ spell. I have tested and confirmed that conflagrate is not adding the damage boost to immolate when the talent ‘molten core’ is taken. The molten core talent states that it extends the duration of your immolate, which causes more ticks of damage therefore more damage per immolate.

To reproduce this simply

  1. Use a talent build missing three points in molten core that has talented into conflagrate.
  2. Cast immolate then conflagrate.
  3. Spend the three talent points into molten core and cast them both again, taking note of the damage of conflagrate.

In conclusion molten core should increase the damage of conflagrate if the player reads the tooltips of the spells and talents, however at the moment it is not which is very confusing from a player perspective. This bug makes it very difficult to experiment with talent builds when the tooltips aren’t aligning with the actual game behavior.

Character name - Plantmyseed
Realm - Grobbulus Horde

I’ve noticed that it’s also not scaling with the glyph of immolate or the T8 set bonus. The tooltip reads that it should be doing 69% of the immolates total damage up front and 40% more over 3 seconds. I’m routinely seeing conflag hit for 75-80% of my immolate’s average damage and it gets worse when adding in the glyph or being spec’d into molten core. After a full ulduar 25, I was seeing conflag hit for 13k and immolate hitting for 24k (4k direct, 20k dot).

Reading some old patch notes and wiki comments, and it was a known issue when the T9 4p bonus wasn’t affecting conflag’s scaling from the immolate damage and it was fixed (before being nerfed in cata). That would seem to indicate to me that it was at the time intended for conflag to scale with damage multipliers and it not doing so now would be a bug.