Warlock, Broken class


So i have been talking with some other warlocks and they confirmed Infernal is not working correctly , after summon and dismiss he supposed to attack on players.

He doesnt, so as enslaved demon, now is this some 2k19 baby toddler defense mechanism? Against retail or new players who would feel game is too hard for them? So we would rather not let warlock be lethal savages who brings chaos , We would rather make every spell safe because toddlers might be angry and we can loose subscription?

IS this a way how WoW classic dev team wants to bring me an authentic experience ? Because this is totally broken class and it destroyed whole feeling from what warlocks really are.

World of Warcraft Classic Ladies and Gentleman is a Savage World , its hostile place with no mercy for anyone , if you cant take care about yourself in the battle you gonna die! IF you dont like this fact than there is a retail have heirlooms and motorbike on level 1.

What have you done dear Game Developers is just cowardly act, you actually broke Warlocks identity by SILENTLY nerfing SIGNIFICANT ICONIC spells like Enslaved demon ,Doom Ritual ,and Summon Infernal.

Im so disappointed and angry !


when its all of the summon demon related spells im gonna hazard a guess to say its not a BFA baby 2019 feature more likely a bug that the 2 dudes doing bugfixes havent gotten to yet

Theres channels for that sort of thing to get it fixed u know


Umm, good thing you don’t have to fight tremor totem and grounding totem,
you might have a brain seizure.

(Patchs) #4

Yes this is totally a conspiracy theory and a not a bug continue to flail about your “2k19 baby toddlers”.


Half the stuff in this game is bugged/broken, bud. Day-to-day, at that.

No clue how or why they spent this much time to have this game function as it does. None. This is a bad port, imo.


Gonna be pretty bummed out if it stays this way. Infernals in lowbie areas was never a major problem in vanilla. Everyone loves Stitches, and he’s way more disruptive right now since he’s up 24/7.


That bugger aggro’d me half way across the map when I was just trying to pick a flower.