Warhammer 40k Book Series

I know this isn’t Warcraft related but I figured it’s an off-topic forum so thought it would work and I was curious about something.

I just picked up my first ever Warhammer 40k book. An audiobook to be precise. I was debating between getting the first Eisenhorn book or the Horus Heresy one to start off with, and ultimately decided on going with the Horus Heresy first. So my question is:

Are all the Warhammer 40k books kind of slow? I really want to get into the universe and I’ve had my eye on the books for a while, but it seems really hard to follow so far.


It depends on the book really i like the cain books about a cowardly commisar that ends up being praised as a hero.

If you want more fast paced WH40K action get the Armageddon book by Aaron Dembski-Bowden.

Said cowardly commissioner has an official recognized sect of the church claiming he’s the Will of the Emperor.

Of course it is just as likely he is the Emperor himself having pried himself off the throne causing the Astronomican and sometimes outright go out due to him not actually sitting on it. The commissioner has lied about his backstory according to the Inquisitor commenting on his memoires so him being the Emperor is a possibility!

Of course if that’s the case then he probably wants Guilliman to arrange his death by old age while setting up his new alias since his Ciaphas Cain alias is being worshipped to his horror.

We need an official Ciaphas Cain figurine that depicts him as a desiccated undead corpse AKA the Emperor! It would be funny and awesome to have the Emperor as Ciaphas Cain in my opinion!

Cain is awsome

I honestly love the series more than I should from what i’ve been told. I have about 100 books so far in the series and the Ciaphas cain series is a good point to start if that is what you are looking to do. The horus heresy is a nice point to start off too if you can find one of the books that start it all off which may become confusing if you don’t know where exactly it actually DOES start lol

FYI humblebundle has the audiobook sale for some of them up, another day or so